Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas week~

it was a happening weekend
time was totally fulfilled with few celebration

first started with serene's birthday,
together with xinyi and siew hui, this year we made cupcakes for her birthday
( too much yam and blueberry with her for the past few years, so we try to make something different.)
hey girls, it was a definitely a success try because joozjin thought that we bought it ~
it was really fun working out with my two good friends with all the laughter and converse.
we made up our day with our first GREAT TRY.
i would say it was really adventurous to sneak into her house and try to hide everywhere else we could
before we managed to surprise her..
(it was so hard to get the right switch for the light !!)
the scream and smile from her totally made us feel it;s worth for the hardwork ~

followed by the christmas eve countdown ,
with no specific plan beforehand, i managed to meet up with friends from KL
and together we celebrated the night with mei tean and her colleagues.
it was another fun night =)

third celebration was my grandma's birthday
it is always one of the biggest family celebration every year, more like a family reunion
and i hope my "ah jia" ( we hakka way of calling of grandma)
stay healthy and be happy all the time
the night continued gather with mark ,ash ,jiunn and moo
wohoo~pity the polar bear who get bully all the time..
but what to's too fun that we cant stop it~
thanks for the christmas present, it's so nice and i like it alot~ =)

here came another big celebration
serene's brother,Carter tied the knot with Iris on the 26th, made up a different boxing day for 2010.
it's the first time i saw a proposal video on a dinner..
they looking good and sweet together
congratz to the couple.. and happy marriage~ much for now~
to be continued .....=)

merry christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

virgin cupcakes!!


dear reader,
take a deep breath and be ready!!!

here comes the very first thing chris chin ever baked
my virgin cupcakes!
( lex said it sounds kinda wrong)
out of sudden, i thought of making cupcakes and got a really big help from my xinyi
she was on skype and teaching me how to make one~
thanks for the accompany!!!
i appreciate it a lot!
alright.. gonna update more on my next post
i am super tired for baking cake the whole night!!
it's time to rest!!

and happy DONG ZHI to everyone!!1
wish you have a great one this year

* if you are trying to show that you are not happy with it, i just wanted to say.i dont really care
because even i am, you dont even bother .. cant wait to get outta here*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i'll say

have you ever thought of how many years you could stay alive?
30 ,40 or 50 years more?
and when you ever dare to think about it
would you really feel satisfied?
just when i thought the recent suicidal case could have alerted the youngsters,
yet here came another boy who thinks that's cool and try to be one of them.
and the reasons is so ridiculous.
don't try to act pity before you know what's life is all about..
but if your intention is to get famous, you are actually killing your way out.
every single day, thousands of people begged for hours and minutes to live on..
and you think life just like a game to play?
though im not perfect,
I'm lucky enough to have a life right now ..
once in a while, im just like any other people
from small little matter to a big one..i love to complain..
because i know the matter is the one that keep everyone alive! =)

just a piece of white paper
don't mind how many dots you made..
because in the end
only the erased one is counted.=)

last but not least
the Cappucino(picture up there ) at BERLIN greentown worth a try! =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mua november!

so that's the end of my November 2010
singapore trip was awesome!!
i would love those lollipop tree to be in my future house
and MR M&M to be my house guard.
because they are just so sweet~
so the end of my job too~

18 c tea,thanks for everything you gave it to me..
the laugh,the joke, and of course the family feeling =)
few months ago, people aside kept telling me how powerful time can be
it could heal and fade everything you want it to be.
they were probably right.. and yet i feel time pass faster than i expected.

for about less than a month
im gonna step into uni student..* im veryyy excited *
somehow UNI problem just troubling me..
i hate thinking about which uni is better.. what confirm a better future .
it;s like a question no one dare to answer for you .
even myself~

anywhere,im glad friends are all coming back hometown within this week..
and the best one is already in town~
the rest im still waiting~

first day free from work
happy retirement to myself and wei jiunn...wohoo!

* i have a date....with my zi muissss"

GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FORM 6 friends for the chemistry paper today
especially, bear bear, xinyi and spidey..

Saturday, November 27, 2010


when christmas is coming soon
it's time for gathering too~
sisters are back in ipoh!
especially you..SERENE TEHHHHHHH~~
im really happy to see you again .."awaited soo long"
we used to see each other every single day last time
and now ..even a single hour meeting up meant alot to me~
you are still the same one i knew more than 10 years ago..

we grew up and realized people do change by time to time..
and we are lucky enough that distance never bring us apart bring us closer by sharing each other life story

to my dear form 6 friends~~
wish you all good luck for the coming exam
and we shall meet up very soon~

*off to singapore in few hours *

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy weekend

the ice cream

it was a great weekend back in subang
was there to check out the room im gonna stay in next year
cant wait to be a uni student but im worried to face the load of work like some of my friends were suffering now
the greatest part was i managed to meet up with caryn ,alan and her family.
thanks for the souvenirs from your trip..
i think you are trying to make a collection of monkey in my room now
it made me miss you more dear!!!
and I LOVE IT!!!
finally we went shopping,dinner,yum cha all together!!!
i miss this seriously!!
and i miss you more!! =)
and im really sorry that i couldnt meet up with jiunn,mark and moo..
double daaz,,,,im sure to make it up for you guys again
i miss you all alottttsss..~

WELCOME BACK SERENE TEH, cant wait to have pillow talk with you ~
i have a tons of secrets to share with you!it;s too heavy that i need to pass it all to you ~

Thursday, November 18, 2010


life seem pretty dull recently
though lots of plan came through my mind .
was wondering why everyone discussed about the movie
"eat pray love"
so i got myself one piece of it
it's my holiday today so finally i got to watch it through
it's a very inspiring movie ..
oh .elizabeth..i really hope i could travel for a year like you
to find the inner self like you did ~if i have not been..
im not sure by when or how i could able to find myself
most of the people just go on the way it;s been arranged or "it should be"
like me~
an off day is good
i think a an off year gonna be super great =D

it's been almost half a year i've spending my time out of study
doubts if i could really starts study again...
i found it hard to finish a novel though..
so good luck to the future me~

"I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism."
Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Friday, November 12, 2010


it was indeed a great night with them
"the 555 gang( Oh man, the incident was like XXX years ago !)"
i felt great to be there countdown for our sweetheart kai teng's birthday.
hope you enjoyed the night
and i was truly surprised to meet koay and chloe at secret garden again =)
feeling great that i talked to people that im not used to recently.
updating on what's happening with friends always the great part of my day now ..
i just got myself back into yoga lesson recently...
and it's fun and nice
"besides the damn balancing part and the back pain"

before the lesson starts,

yoga teacher : class, im going to remind you again that you are not supposed to eat 2 hours before the class.even you want to, just oatmeal at least an hour ago
me : .......
cousin : and you were eating fried chicken in the car just now =.=
me : because it;s too tasty.

after the class,

me :" non-stop drinking water "
yoga teacher : chris, to remind you again, you are not suppose to drink any water half an hour after the class..
cousin : never listened to teacher..please remember not to eat anything heavy later.
me : "the damn fried chicken wanna get inside my stomach ...not my fault at all"

went for body massage few days ago..awww...i really wish i could have that every night~~
it was damn relaxing !!!

" i got it today"

Friday, October 29, 2010

another day

got an early celebration for this halloween this year
i'd join my friend for their college event
oh yea..if you could see it from the picture
.i actually tried to dress up like a zombie .

was truly impressed by the UTAR-ians
they dressed up really nicely.... and no doubt
it was better than the function i went last year
which mainly because of the crowd..and how sporting they were
backdrops and cool event place they had
i guess it could be superb great event for me if im one of the student there

but it was great that this bunch of friend brought me to kampar again
hmm..i guess it's been quite some time since i last went there...
and of was my first time in UTAR..
the environment is truly nice for study~

finally got myself updated with the series
the sixth episode of HIMYM is truly a great one!!
"it is important to feel needed"-TED MOSBY

thanks to gareth, darren and melvin who came by this evening for bubble milk tea~
and guys worn the same tshirt!!!

as long it goes on this way...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

currently listening :
dear god- avenge sevenfold

it's been a while since i last wrote about myself
I'm doing good ~
most of my time fulfilled with work and still work
it's indeed a good job though abit too tiring for me
boss is nice ..colleagues are friendly.. i've been treated like part of their family
im consider lucky for my first full time job in my life
only boss the one who complain that i always bully him
he claimed that i should be responsible for all the bruise on his arms ..
most important
i can make myself the nice milk tea and fruit tea now =)

went for paintball games few days ago
it was awesome
though it hurts alot
the games is just no pain no gain
and i just feel bad for not going the night ops this saturday night~
it's gonna be super duper fun

you cant be when im not

Monday, October 4, 2010

never say never

for once in my life
i'm so confident that i made the right choice

the uneasy feeling came in
when i recaptured the past
and now
i don't understand
for what reason i made that choice?
for what reason i thought i am so right at once
and i feel so wrong right now.

an advice to myself
when you think you are the smartest
in making a decision
think twice ..
no matter how
try to figure out the other possibilities.
cause you should
never say never

*the never had killed part of me silently*

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the right way

the real confident is that you are able to retrospect with a positive curve on your lips=)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

random post

currently listening
by joseph and jason

woke up early this morning
and i felt my head and back pain like hell
it;s like i had been thrown up and down during my sleep
felt hot and cold for no reason.
i loved to see doctor last time because i knew a small sick could get me out from the class..
but not this time
the elder i grow..
the more reluctant for me to consult a doctor
it was mum who dragged me to..~
because i hate the way medicine got me feel even sick.

the shanghai trip has been cancelled..
i was supposed to pack all my stuff now and ready for the flight
the late visa application just ruined up everything
hopefully the coming trip going on smoothly..
i seriously need to get myself out here.

a real life happening that i wish to share it here
this woman.. my parents's friend
she has been dating with this man for more than 20 years
they never plan to get married due to the man's job
and just about a year ago,
another woman came to her house and asked her to leave her husband
for more than 19 years they spent their live together
and only she realized he actually has another family.
perhaps we will expect this guy to make some explanation
and he only replied
"she doesnt want us to be together, she wants me to leave you. But if you want us to be together ,
you can just buy me another house nearby..and we can still each other"
and so
the silly her bought a house for him
just hope the relationship could go on~
she spent all her life and money for her..
what he asked is just money and he never appreciated her.
i just don't understand how could a man could live a life like that
ruining people's life and feel satisfy in that way.!
i understand nothing is fair on this earth
but we could make it better if we want to.
love aint everything if she can understand
i hope she will leave him and get on with her life.
he's just a bastard!!!!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER season 6 is awesome
i just finished watching episode 2
cant wait for the next one~

it;s time to sleep
im half dozing off with the medicine
good night everyone~

for lex..i hope you all the best. you know you have to stay strong cause there are much things for you to complete it..

for caryn..i hope you made the right choice.. and be happy all the time..
no matter what,i'll support you girl.~
i miss you..i shall come back and meet you up~

Friday, September 17, 2010

good bye

bye vims!
bye my first job

currently listening
CHANCES - five for fighting

is like a compulsory subject of life
it is part of growing up
for at least once
we said good bye to our most precious toy
for at least once
we said good bye to our family member
then we move on
and forced to say goodbye
to a friend
to a boyfriend
to school
to job
to life in the end.

we understand and we take
the reasons behind every goodbye
but we never sure if we know how to take care of the feeling which is not compatible with the fact.

we will never forget
the excitement of getting a new toy
someone who contended with you
someone who shared your laughs and tears
someone who hugged and kissed you
someone calling you sister or brother.
someone calling you baby
someone's earnest advice and care.

just back from airport few hours ago
was there to send off my college buddy
i wish you all the best ~
and i shall see you there in few years time
you promised to bring me around that time

sometimes i pause
so that i can
take a break and feel the real me
for a moment
i get myself out of all the reasons and questions
I'm satisfied
even though the moment is sad or hurt
cause i know
I'm gonna say goodbye .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the best damn thing

true friend

back in ipoh
for the first time with college buddy
vimesshen, lourene and thomas

thanks for the night pals
was feeling numb since that night.telling myself everything will be just as okay as before
but i realized i was just ignoring everything to make myself feel better
i prolonged it because i was too fear to be in that again
and i was being so wrong.
thanks for helping me to get back my feeling
and made me realized i should throw it out instead of keeping it
and i think i made it now
a night of heartwarming conversation
thanks for the huggies girl.
a night that bring chris chin back on track
and now i understand
what's important in division
which someone will never understand.
"balance is not 50/'s only balanced when you know what's more important and what's not"
quoted from THOMAS JACOB
and im glad the ME now is on the right track on life
cause the conversation just like the right medicine for me..

aint afraid to believe again =)
this time.
i know what is better for myself
i love you guys!