Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas week~

it was a happening weekend
time was totally fulfilled with few celebration

first started with serene's birthday,
together with xinyi and siew hui, this year we made cupcakes for her birthday
( too much yam and blueberry with her for the past few years, so we try to make something different.)
hey girls, it was a definitely a success try because joozjin thought that we bought it ~
it was really fun working out with my two good friends with all the laughter and converse.
we made up our day with our first GREAT TRY.
i would say it was really adventurous to sneak into her house and try to hide everywhere else we could
before we managed to surprise her..
(it was so hard to get the right switch for the light !!)
the scream and smile from her totally made us feel it;s worth for the hardwork ~

followed by the christmas eve countdown ,
with no specific plan beforehand, i managed to meet up with friends from KL
and together we celebrated the night with mei tean and her colleagues.
it was another fun night =)

third celebration was my grandma's birthday
it is always one of the biggest family celebration every year, more like a family reunion
and i hope my "ah jia" ( we hakka way of calling of grandma)
stay healthy and be happy all the time
the night continued gather with mark ,ash ,jiunn and moo
wohoo~pity the polar bear who get bully all the time..
but what to's too fun that we cant stop it~
thanks for the christmas present, it's so nice and i like it alot~ =)

here came another big celebration
serene's brother,Carter tied the knot with Iris on the 26th, made up a different boxing day for 2010.
it's the first time i saw a proposal video on a dinner..
they looking good and sweet together
congratz to the couple.. and happy marriage~ much for now~
to be continued .....=)

merry christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

virgin cupcakes!!


dear reader,
take a deep breath and be ready!!!

here comes the very first thing chris chin ever baked
my virgin cupcakes!
( lex said it sounds kinda wrong)
out of sudden, i thought of making cupcakes and got a really big help from my xinyi
she was on skype and teaching me how to make one~
thanks for the accompany!!!
i appreciate it a lot!
alright.. gonna update more on my next post
i am super tired for baking cake the whole night!!
it's time to rest!!

and happy DONG ZHI to everyone!!1
wish you have a great one this year

* if you are trying to show that you are not happy with it, i just wanted to say.i dont really care
because even i am, you dont even bother .. cant wait to get outta here*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i'll say

have you ever thought of how many years you could stay alive?
30 ,40 or 50 years more?
and when you ever dare to think about it
would you really feel satisfied?
just when i thought the recent suicidal case could have alerted the youngsters,
yet here came another boy who thinks that's cool and try to be one of them.
and the reasons is so ridiculous.
don't try to act pity before you know what's life is all about..
but if your intention is to get famous, you are actually killing your way out.
every single day, thousands of people begged for hours and minutes to live on..
and you think life just like a game to play?
though im not perfect,
I'm lucky enough to have a life right now ..
once in a while, im just like any other people
from small little matter to a big one..i love to complain..
because i know the matter is the one that keep everyone alive! =)

just a piece of white paper
don't mind how many dots you made..
because in the end
only the erased one is counted.=)

last but not least
the Cappucino(picture up there ) at BERLIN greentown worth a try! =)