Friday, November 27, 2009

im bORINGGGGGGGG with study~~

i wan eat UNAGI..i wan go shopping~~~~

i wannnnnnnnnnnn.....the day after wednesday~~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

time flies....

Half a year gone~~
i still felt that orientation was just yest
thats the end of my first semester~
which at first is the day i cant wait for to come
but now
i seriously need more~~
feel so heavy to say bye with some of you
who i duno still got chance to meet again~~
you all are such a great good clasmate to me
hw i wish everyone stil stay on nex semester~~
and deeply thanks to ms fikar, ms joanne and ms lindsay~~
you three are good teacher <3..
especially ms lindsay.u r the best ever eng teacher i ever met~~
ms fikar who nagged us like mother
and ms joaanee.who alwis happy go lucky~~
just that i know im gona miss every single one of u~~
alrite ..i shouldnt write more here~~
is my bio final test tmr~~
and im stil hanging around here~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

the heart is raining

the final test~
not soo far..and it is this coming thurs
3 more days to go
and sorry to myself that
im not ready at all
thought to start study early
and till now
im nt consider start yet
feel myself wasting alot of time
my heart just soooo heavy right now~~
its soo heavy until i feel the energy i need use to breath
i wish to scream out loud~~
bt i feel restless...
soo dead!!
the heart is raining~
body turn to become lik weather now
sometimes soo cold
sometimes too hot
even the emotion the same~
feel everything aint right!!!!!
i wish to know why
i just wonder why i feel so hard to get a good sleep everynite
i cnt get into sleep
even i can...
is just nightmare for me~~
opening my maths book to do hmwork
and realize ther soooo much question that i duno
i feel soo bad with it~~
i just duno wat to do~~
i need more marks~~~
i just wana score well!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


she is the one who accompany me all the time
whenever im happy or sad
she is someone i could share everything too
she is my shopping partner
she is my best course mate~~
she is my school mate as well
know u more than 6 years
and i love to be ur fren~~~
wish our frenship forever
and wish u have a great
sorry for not being ther with u yest
bt glad to know u enjoy the fun~~
i love u lots lost~~~
my best fren forever

Thursday, November 19, 2009

thursday 2012

managed to put on my contact lens today~~whee...
bt i took lik half an hour to do it~~
and mayb due to long hour,
my left eye and brain soo pain now~~ stil happy i manage to put on~~
went sunway for 2012 today..
the movie kinda nice ~~
i love the russian man
" shut up, enjin,start" that scene
and of course..
when the girl show her finger~~!!!

4 of us,
vims,jeremy ,carina and me
had our first hang out ever~~
having fun with u guys~~
vims and carina, i didnt really cry la pls~~~
dumb vims who never rmb the restaurant name
the restaurant with girl names- wendy's
the double k donut-krispy donut~~

im happy with my eng ISU presentation results~~~
i met an ex minister who is always on tv~
i jz cnt recall his name whn i get my movie ticket~

quiz tmr~~
i really don und at all`~~sobxxx
im figuring it out~~~

p.s. get my shower gel and lip balm with half price at body shop~
come more to taylor~haha

nites everyone...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lalalalalalalala~~bed drunk~

supportive sticker~~

alrite..for few days i abandon my blog
i really busy with my presentation and essay
which carry weightage of 6 in total..
im so glad everything was over this morning.. 11.05 am~
overnite at meishan yest nite.
and together we try out the taiwanese food which we always say wana go ..
and we MADE it~~
bought the cake..
cuz of the bendan who keep saying bout the cake~
together with vims,jeremy,dhushan..brian..and lots more
im learning playing pool yest ~~
it is really fun n great game
which im realy dumb on~~
thansk alot to vims and imran
they taught me really well~~
enough patient i know~
i cnt stop laughing in heart actly.
when vims said
" CHRIS,centre..HIT THE CENTRE!!!!""
kind of lost temper..after one hour~~
and it is vv funy when everyone expecting u goin to hit the ball
and yet
nvm..lots of way xD
and yea~~ VIMS..get me ice cream~
hahhaha..great day..
bt whn turn at nite.the worry.
start approaching my heart, my mind~~
the essay which haven finis edit
the slides dat i wana renew..
which made me soo nervous~~
cant really take in any food this morning
too worry with my presentation
but my heart calm down after few mins the presentaiton started
the 20 mins individual presentation is
hahaha.. soo damn great the feeling~~
the happiest part is when ms lindsay come to me and say
im soo glad of u chris..
she made me feel so relief~~~~
cant wait for movie tmr~
cant wait for outing tmr
cant wait for weekend~
OVER NOW!!!!!!!!
scream scream~~~~
-i wana thanks some of u here
ben lexsy- u keep up with me since 3 months ago whn the project started, worry with me~calm me down.hehe
caryn - who work v me, help me correct my essay,scare v me...happy with me~~hehe...
ghauvi -thanks for the editing and support
carina- thanks for the great edit, thanks for listen to me so many so great to have u as my listener.
meishan-thanks for care of the night~~and support..and be my listener as well
vims-ice cream and support~~
jeremy- for the video, and the accompany of playing pool~u wiling to play v the stupid new learner like me
jianwei- for the good luck msg
ali and alphonse-thanks for the concern on my ISU ..hehe.. im glad u r here today to support~~thanksss

Monday, November 16, 2009

sam sam sam

happy birthday
hehee.sifu sifu~~
u alwiz be a good sifu to me~~~
alwiz the one listen to me watever i wana release
and thanks for being my mahjong sifu~~
i still rmb i win alot because of u~~
im glad to know you~~
and thanks for being my bestfren~~
all da best for you
i wish u happy everyday~~

Sunday, November 15, 2009


alrite.just a miserable week
and i cnt even drop a longer post~~
test, presentation,essay .......
all come in once
which could tight me till breathless~~
i have no time to scream~~~
i just feel soo tense up with the coming presentation
im actually
sooo scare~~
the essay which i did few weeks ago..
actually doesnt meet the point
and i changed de whole concept
in 2 days
feel soo miserable
but luckily got you to help me
and you did make me so much more better
after a miserable day~~
the things that i feel happy with:
1. having dinner v margaret and choo at BBQ PLAZA
thers stil stg i feel annoy with.
the one who noe.~~u noe it~~
surpise :
daily mail bec ~~=)
met disheng and jien yang at sunway~~
charles and keith having great sales( sadly i haven get one..wait me)
sister going to have puppy soon~~
alrite.gona off now
is bio test tmr~~
good luck to myself
good luck to caryn who presenting tmr~~
wish u recover earlier~~
sweet dream everyone~~

Sunday, November 8, 2009


bec to subang right now
really feel tired for the past few days~
when family gathering and yum cha hours make me packed up
managed to go night market~and taste out the food
happy to meet ha,sam and jia wei~
as we gt heart to heart chat ~~
this wat i miss even right now
alrite.hectic week started
and i feel ssoo sked for the coming week
tests dat coming
and im nearer to the presentation
i feel sooooooo sked!!!
how wish i cn escpae frm dis!~
hopefully im alrite for all
js hope
im sory to myself
for being soo lazy dis few days
din realy get to study ~~
i sked to be regret again
as my marks truly low right now~~
and thers is no way beside having higher marks during test~
bt ..still
im weak~~~ i promise someone
i need to admit that I AM A PIG here
see how sincere i am.putting it soo big~~
hope you
give me a smile =) when u see this~
nothing stay at the same point forever
they just moving
clock moving
ur life move on too~~
and im supporting u no matter where the point gona be
i hope u alrite~~
and u gona be alrite
i miss~~~~~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 it gona be?

awesome group of mock trial~
consider myself in a relax mood
this week probably the last week i can blog~
chating v frenz and watching series
shall precious it
cause the nex time shall be my semester break~
bye bye to october..
and here i am in the hectic november
ISU presentaton-70% done
ISU completion-consider done( editing)
Advanced project project-DONE =)
BIOLOGY test~pending
Advanced function test~pending
and lastly...
which drag me the most is the final test `~
i wana scream out loud~
i wish to complete everything by one day~
but I CANT~~I DUNOOOO how to make it~~
unspoken pressure~~
which could really
make me feel heavy every single second~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

nice weekend

parents and sister was here with me dis 2 days~~
such a great days spent with family
especially with mum cooking
that is the best food in the world~~
and i cnt EAT EAT now
hw happy i am~~
went shopping today
and i gt the dress above~~
luckily shop v dad..
if nt able to buy it~
i wil save dis dress and wear it nex time~
get some cosmetic stuff and new jeans as well~~
i wont buy any more
for the coming month
done v homework(i doubt)
bt haven study for tmr quiz~
my presentation~~~