Monday, June 28, 2010

ipoh~a post that i forgot to publish! ;)

oscar and onn onn

had my second week of holiday in ipoh
way much boring than i expected
as i always back after their holidays ended
they are now back to sch and busy with studies

dad changed his mind after we registered at SEGI
and yea...after reconsider~
we think IMU is a better choice
and he agreed with the 2.5+1 twinning course to uni of strathclyde
" i hope pharmacy course is really suitable for me"
so gonna back to subang for my IELTS test

for my one week holiday in ipoh
good enough to meet up v peikzhi,kah hei and evon for yam cha session
welcome kah hei to ICPU course~
cpu-iansss are awesome!!! u wil definitely love them

highlight for the week~

woon jie, vims and kumar
came to ipoh for one day trip~ we met up after a week .. after 7 days!
we spent a great day together v weichien and evon
though that's the first time i met up v kumar~ yea..he is a nice guy!
u guys actually gt me a reason to visit place like Kellie castle and tauge chicken~
and the monkey at the temple just epic!!!
and i learnt to make a cake today!!!
that's pretty easy
but extremely fattening!!!

back to subang soon=)
for ppl in sam tet,
i'll be back soon to meet up v u guys!!!
especially ha, xinyi,bear ~~
i really miss u all~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy sweet nineteen

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to ha xin yi~~
happy birthday to you

happy 19th birthday !

you are awesome
you are beautiful
you are cute.and crazy?

best friend?
you are definitely more than that
cause u just mean a lot to me~

we are sister forever~

may you have a great day with weng weng!!haha

Monday, June 14, 2010


me and baby

the girlss
alison ,me and caryn
caryn, loveth,chris
1st, 2nd....3rd

walking pass another stage of my life
my PRE University
International CAnadian pre u
the shortest..but the most memorable one~
whats about ICPU?
great? fun?awesome?
for me..just more than that~
i enjoyed every single moment in college
i feel like going college everyday
i love the classmates..
i love the lecturers.
i love my lesson..
and now
i miss all the assignment..
presentation.unit test.. oral test~

my second semester was pretty great
friends like koay,marco ,alan,thomas in LAN class..
the lesson was dull..the teaching was bad..
but still having fun with them
i miss the time we argue for everything...
i miss the time when we hang out for lunch,dinner and movie~
everything just soo great~ =)

and im glad im still close with caryn for second semester
my first and best friend in college..
i will never forget
the way you nag me to study
the days we spent
on assignment and revision
sitting beside you
chatting with you,sharing everything together
the boys.the girls .the friends and lecture
never expect i can meet someone soo close with me in college~
i found you and i appreciate that alot..
without you,im pretty sure my college life wont be that fun and happy~
caryn chew..
i love you =)

and yea my dearest baby~
maybe i never tell you this
i really hate to be in physic class last time..
i hate sitting inside the class
and listen something i don understand most of the time
but i dunno since when
im actually really like the class..
i like when i can sitting opposite you
seeing your stupid and cute face
i miss when you teasing me
cause at least i know you actually want to talk to me
i love the class ..cause it link me to you
and i gt the reason to see u everyday~
i know i will miss this a lot..
i wish we can be in the same class again.. at least drawing piglet.. smiley face~
baby.. i truly miss that.. and i will really miss our time in college
the other reason i like ICPU
I found you=)
first time
out of no reason.. out of no deep understanding
i actually wanna be with you from the start
i want to grab you tight =)
baby.. i cnt think of a specific reason..
but i know.. i really love you=)

"i captured the second with a photo...but i carved the moment in my heart "