Tuesday, September 29, 2009


TEST over!!!!
and i forgot to add phosphate on my krebs cycle equation..damn!!!!
yeeyang alwiz complaint that i read phosphate as PI(equation)...
not really my fault actually
cuz in equation..phosphate=Pi
but damn ..i wil lost the whole equation marks becuz i miss the Pi =(
neway..jz hope others part stil alrite~
i just hope thers improvement!

talk bout bio test today
teacher ask us to get a place bcuz table had been seperated
once i stand up..(im the slowest )
every sit filled up
at the end..
im on my special sit
dat was oppose the direction of everyone
facing the wall!!!!
yet my lecturer said
"is a nice place... quite...no one can distract u"
i know.she just tried to comfort me~

english lesson today
was asked to create a plot for drama
so..me,brian n agnes.
decided the ending at first
dats death..
and complete v group memnbers
and we keep thinking hw tragedic it can be..
for sure,
sad and tragedic ending not out frm korean drama

i guess i decided for
data managemnet next semester
instead of calculus!
im so damn weak in maths!!
i shldnt take risk v dat..
cuz physic n chemistry enuf to kill me nex semester..
so fast a sem gona over..
with my coming 20 mins presentation--

as usual, or as VIMS said.,.
"everyday u goin toilet at the same time."
and when yest i didnt do so..
yet he said..
ei..hw come u nt goin toilet today
ayayay..i tink i shall keep my habit
v my half sleep situation walked to my clasroom
suddenly some one gently touch me frm the back.
i thought it must be my fren
yet.. a new blonde teacher..
she said
girl..i love ur tshirt
is funny with the words...
i was lik..awake suddenly

exam overs>>>>>>>>>series hour~>>>>SLEEP
im jz a simple girl who loves simple day~

Monday, September 28, 2009

read it if u r my fren~u should know ~

1∶00 人体进入浅睡阶段,易醒。此时头脑较清楚,熬夜者想睡反而睡不着。
> 2∶00 绝大多数器官处于一天中工作最慢的状态,肝脏却在紧张工作,生血气为人体> 排毒。
> 3∶00 进入深度睡眠阶段,肌肉完全放松。
> 4∶00 “黎明前的黑暗”时刻,老年人最易发生意外。血压处于一天中最低值,糖尿病> 病人易出现低血糖,心脑
血 管 患者易发生心梗等。
> 5∶00 阳气逐渐升华,精神状态饱满。
> 6∶00 血压开始升高,心跳逐渐加快。高血压患者得吃降压药了。
> 7∶00 人体免疫力最强。吃完早饭,营养逐渐被人体吸收。
> 8∶00 各项生理激素分泌旺盛,开始进入工作状态。
> 9∶00 适合打针、手术、做体检等。此时人体气血活跃,大脑皮层兴奋,痛感降低。
> 10∶00 工作效率最高。
> 10∶00-11∶00属于人体的第一个黄金时段。心脏充分发挥其功能,精力充沛,不会感 到疲劳。> 12∶00 紧张工作一
> 12∶00-13∶00是最佳"子午觉"时间。不宜疲劳作战,最好躺着休息半小时至一小时。
> 14∶00 反应迟钝。易有昏昏欲睡之感,人体应激能力降低
> 15∶00 午饭营养吸收后逐渐被输送到全身,工作能力开始恢复。
> 15∶00-17∶00为人体第二个黄金时段。最适宜开会、公关、接待重要客人。
> 16∶00 血糖开始升高,有虚火者此时表现明显。阳虚、肺结核等患者的脸部最红。
> 17∶00 工作效率达到午后时间的最高值,也适宜进行体育锻炼。
> 18∶00 人体敏感度下降,痛觉随之再度降低。
> 19∶00 最易发生争吵。此时是人体血压波动的晚高峰,人们的情绪最不稳定。
> 20∶00 人体进入第三个黄金阶段。记忆力最强,大脑反应异常迅速。
> 20∶00-21∶00适合做作业、阅读、创作、锻炼等。
> 22∶00 适合梳洗。呼吸开始减慢,体温逐渐下降。最好在十点半泡脚后上床,能很> 快入睡。
> 23∶00 阳气微弱,人体功能下降,开始逐渐进入深度睡眠,一天的疲劳开始缓解。
> 24∶00 气血处于一天中的最低值,除了休息,不宜进行任何活动。

> 晚间11-凌晨1点,肝的排毒,需在熟睡中进行。
> 凌晨1-3点,胆的排毒,亦同。
> 凌晨3-5点,肺的排毒。此即为何咳嗽的人在这段时间咳得最剧烈,
> 因排毒动作已走到肺;不应用止咳药,以免抑制废积物的排除。
> 凌晨5-7点,大肠的排毒,应上厕所排便。
> 早上7-9点,小肠大量吸收营养的时段,应吃早餐。
> 疗病者最好早吃,在6点半前,养生者在7点半前,
> 不吃早餐者应改变习惯,即使拖到9、10点吃都比不吃好。> 半夜至凌晨4点为脊椎造血时段,必须熟睡不宜熬夜。

.DAN HUMPREY hook up v Georgina..WTH!!!!!
(season 3)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

monday..after break

bac to class today
tired and dizzy
cnt really get a good sleep yest nite
result of the whole week late sleep..
made me cnt really sleep the whole nite..
eyes opened up til 6 stg in the morning
biology test coming soon
yet alot i haven cover up
diagram to be drawn
fact to be memorize well
changes made today..
no more sitting v caryn..
everyone getting a new deskmate...
hope it goes well.
my mind lik stop working recently..
i need energy to work on~....
i hate the feeling when the mind shut down
yet the eyes stil opened up..
bec ipoh dis weekend~=)
anyone having the movie NORTH COUNTRY??
or short stories..WIDE SARGASSO SEA(JEAN RHYS)
need it urgently..
if u noes wher to download pls let me noe as well...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

selamat hari raya..........

a nice afternoon at amira's house..........
gathering of korean,indonesian,tazanian and of course malaysian.
her house is damn nice......
lik wat christine said
...just lik u went for some resort at bali island.
nice rendang by amira's mum
and of course amira's spagheti !!!
thumbs up =)
selamat hari raya.!!!
p.s.is my decision.i hope it match urs too.
period pain is killing

Friday, September 25, 2009


well..beside the current TVB series im watching.
im on the new one too
a higher expectation on this series
as the few character i lik is on the show
until the 4th episode,
i stil lik the story line...
this kind of series usualy v lots of sacrifaction of love and life..
and thats the part i love...
the ending of the story wil nvr be a good one..
and thus..
that will be a touching one..
looking forward for the nex episode..
fren..i don meant to be watching too much
i tink im ADDICTED WITH IT..
biology revision that i haven complete.....
raya open house at amira's
too little time..for too much of work
the hols is lik
too fast yet ntg be done~
i need a longer break~

Thursday, September 24, 2009


想念的 还是你望着我的眼波

a day for holiday

after breakfast this morning
back to college and met up lynn for discussion again
well...met banana( i cnt get a better name for u) and weiling for lunch
and too.followed by khai soon and weng fong at''snowflake''..
chit chat for somewhile.continue study at library..
and almost done with my film review assignment.
the list on my stick pad getting lesser..
im stil stuck v my biology revision..
thers stil some part which i cnt fully und still~
2 days of discussion did help me solve some doubt on my mind
thanks weiling for checking my essay today
i noe my essay truly lousy
and thanks lynn
for giving me some opinion..
it truly help!!!!
no update of series on PPS..
force me back to old TVB series
anyway..it stil cool
i cnt imagine.i just cant.............wat had happened...

Monday, September 21, 2009


after breakfast..met lynn at coffee bean
and we did get to study on bio and advanced function..
the movie kind of stupid....
it disappoint me compare with the singapore comedy before ..
the movie break into 3 parts..
and the first 2 parts sort of meaningless ...
only when came to 3rd part.
it show hw the youngsters abandon their parents ...
or blame them...
bought a new photoshop editor ..
just trying out now..
getting more complicated~
neway.is more advanced now~
don really feel good at nite..


is annoying....
u might think im bad
but honestly.i nvr be good one
i just hate sharing on some stuff sometimes
no sorry could be made
bt just a line
I LOVE TO BE ALONE rather to share
i tried to accept
but i cant..
i jz feel ntg alrite with u.....
i hate the way u made me feel guilty
i feel im right at some part
soo.get lost !!!
i feel hate whn i face u too much~
frenz.jz don ask me y
nothing i wana explain
just kind of release

Saturday, September 19, 2009


summer kimono -yukata

typical kimono

me and audrey

harami..??im nt sure..

seeing the flyer posted around taylor recently
thers a function about japanese culture
sort of intrested..
for all traditional dress in the world..
i love the japanese kimono the most
vv lucky that i gt the chance to try on few...
is just soo much more complicated than i expected
althought the kimono with me all da time..
bt soo sorry to say dat..
i hav no idea..to tie the big ribbon behind..
if i gt the chance again.
i wish i cn listen more carefully and pay more attention..
i wish to put on such costume again~
-wil post about japanese wedding next-
i miss nagase family
i miss takehara family~
-glad to receive reply from them-

Friday, September 18, 2009

gossip girls

done with my first episode~
not bad i guess..
new character coming up
NATE's new date
most probably not goin bec hometown for the raya holidays
shld stay here for revision i guess...
sorry ha..sam..and frenzz


finish the test today
was about the movie
BIG FISH and PAN's Labyrinth(which shown above)
is a great movie
but is a spanish movie
i wonder why i never heard this before...
bt i gt lots of study and assignment for my holiday
neway.is stil a holiday
have fun everyone
Happy Holiday~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

career day

chris chin --caryn chew(cc)

me n meishan
me and rin

me and didi

4u clasmates

office person vs doctor
when im the queen~

when im the fairy

when im ofelina..see the 2 fairies behind me

eng 4 u period 3

dress up day: career day
okay..i've decided to be someone in science field.
don really exactly noe wat my career is..em..
mayb ... nutritionist.. doctor..
watever~~ just put on the labcoat~

met meishan n jin v formal wear
didi who is the dentist today
DIDI GIGI centre~~
today eng class was pretty fun~
no sitting..
bt acting
TABLAUSE(spell lik dis?)
is cool and fun
first scene.im ofelia.the little girl
second scene..im the fairy
third scene...wow..im the queen
was pretty fun n cool~
after day..we are in circle surrouded by another circle
for discussion
class was fun..when ms lindsay treat us like kindergarden children
okay.put ur hands above ur head!!
and she realized
thats the only way to stop us talking=)
she love to use that now~
imagine the bunch of pre u student
act lik kids!!
happy news
first time full marks in advanced function small quiz
thats delightful~
p.s. life is worth living for when fun and laugh around~
1 more day to eng test
2 more days to holiday
3 more days to meet family
4 more days to be outstation
6 more days to be hometown
a week to meet frenz

love love

life worth living for
when you belives in love
HE wont bring u into the world
just to work or spending ur time
HE want u to feel the precious thing on earth
that cnt be found on other planet
thats LOVE
for ur family,
for the nature
and HE create the most precious thing,
that let us met one in million
who wil move into ur life
to show love, care
to be part of ur family~
u never able to solve the LOVE cause
u never able to cure the LOVE sick
because this is the only misery in universe
that feel by every single human being
yet no one can control it~
your partner well~
as i believes
thers only ONE:ONE concept~

dumbie dear land~is for u and me~

It was a clear summer day
When I saw the tears in your face
I knew that our time was up on us
Our moment of end was so fast
But the kiss of goobye always lasts
Not even time could fade it away
Even though you are no longer here
There is still something between us
Even though life isn't fairI'd never lose my trust
Just another lesson to be learned
Gotta move on and not lose faith
Just another obstacle to take
Live my life before it gets too late
I won't give upI won't stay down
This is what life's worth living for
(Life's worth living for)
I still believe in love
I'm holding the warmth of your lips
It feels like the time we first kissed
When all of the stars lined up for us
But like the wind you said goodye
And left me alone here to cry
We shouldn't have gone our separate ways
Even though you are no longer here
There is still something between us
Even though life isn't fairI'd never lose my trust

Monday, September 14, 2009


as usual
monday alwiz most busy day~
lesson-lunch-talk-film for assignment
8am to 6pm
attended the DNA talk
seriously first time making DNA intepretation
just lik how CSI shown on TV....extract...spinning.heating.result~
really experience alot from the talk~
after dat..attend the film which need to be tested dis friday
the film kinda disgusting~ bt is a nice one as well~~
i jz feel sooooo tired~~~
having sweet sweet talk v ser n ha ~~
3 of us being lesbo throughout the nite
"i love u"
being such a long time we nvr chat
yet ..stil we feel dat close
not a problem for us~~hehe
cnt wait to see u two.
miss u2 alot
love u love u
p.s DEX TEAM WON!!HOORRAAY.,...applause~~~~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

chris and meishan's day

well..just a great hang out day...
both of us hang out as we planned
more than 6 hours of shopping~
everything just so tempting for us
we are just sooo STATISFY with it
get myself few shoes,few dress..and accessories..just soo nice..
and me n her get the same bag n slipper~~~hehehe
KL Monorail-KTM
well..just sooo smoothly
we reach subang frm sungei wang on our own.~
surprise to see CHOO whn we reach subang
when i jz thought of her
who stay nearby
im lik nvr work hard
for monday..quiz
wish myself good luck~
p.s.everything wil be alrite if u feel to~myb is not a perfect end..
bt as long it reach ur aim..den u gota statisfy v iy

Friday, September 11, 2009

friday..alwiz the good day

being days and night crazy for dat..
is time.is time to rest
bac from sunway
an early celebration for lynn's birthday..
hope she happy..
''lynn, i didnt said happy birthday.i noe..NOT YET!!"
just wish u r happy with it..me n zac just cnt stop laughing
when jin keep telling u about the computer stuff
"need to repair~"and crapss..hahaa
and james who try to ''open'' up zac's mind..
he is just soooooo crazy~
bought ntg bt a pie for my brother
''thanks for fetching"
well...another shopping plan tmr~
hope it works
good nite for everyone...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bec to college

first day back college after the mid term break..
bio is killing~
having lunch v meishan,lynn and jin as normal
thanks god my working assignment is on right track..
so sked i hav to redo everything ~~
stay bec for this movie today..
ready for the film review assginment as well..
almost fall asleep..
thanks yeeyang for the sour sweets~
the movie kinda special and intrestin~
is a different movie
4 stars for it~
recommend all of u to watch
u wil realise ''fake'' ''dream''
sometimes is the most beautiful things on us~
tmr class end at 10.30am..
i cn go bec n sleep~~~
medcine had finished..
im nt fully recover yet.
hope thers miracle whn i wake up tmr
no cough n flu anymore~~
i hate being patient anymore..

Monday, September 7, 2009


last day of holiday
so keep thinking wat i had done during holiday...
countdown n mostly gathering
and also 3 books of novel
for assignment
hong kong ghost
final destination
bad news as well
wish i gt a week more for holiday
feel reluctant for class tmr
i realy tired and sleepy..
feel myself lik no energy at all..
wish energy back~
will sleep early tonite
p.s.true or dare...both i get to know now...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


im tired.im dizzy..i just feel nothing alright~
assignment.. hmwork....
flu ..cough
doc for the 5th times.
.i wonder y..
times im seeing doc for dis month..
more than a year in the past..
weak body??SUCKSSS feeling.
.surrounded me...i hate all this..
truly i hate
i wana thanks sam n ha for yest nite..
fetch me out even im late.
.and ha that purposely help and check my work..
thanks caryn for ur help.
thanks meishan,jerome..rus..crush..zoe for the comfort
thanks edwin for the care
thanks everyone who send me regards..
times pass too fast whn i need more
times pass too slow whn im waiting...
i just wish..things gona be alrite..on the nex second..
the only thing im glad with now..
is i gt bunch of good friends..thanks u guys

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on like
"I wish I could talk to you for awhile"
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by
And it's true that you've reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And I'm right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st song.1-9-2009

No Mountains too high, for you to climb
All you have to do is have some climbing faith,
oh yeah
No rivers too wide, for you to make it across
All you have to do is believe it when you pray
And then you will see,
the morning will come
And everyday will be bright as the sun
All of your fears cast them on meI
just want you to see...
I'll be your cloud up in the sky
I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I'll hear your voices when you call me
I am your angelAnd when all hope is gone,
I'm hereNo matter how far you are,
I'm near
It makes no difference who you are
I am your ange
lI'm your angel
I saw the teardrops,
and I heard you cry
All you need is time,
seek me and you shall find
You have everything and you're still lonely
It doesn't have to be this way,
let me show you a better day
And then you will see,
the morning will come
And all of your days will be bright as the sunSo all of your fears,
just cast them on me
How can I make you see...
I'll be your cloud up in the sky
I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I'll hear your voices when you call me
I am your angel
And when all hope is gone,
I'm here
No matter how far you are,
I'm nearIt makes no difference who you are
I am your angelI'm your angel
And when it's time to face the storm
I'll be right by your side
Grace will keep up safe and warm
And I know we will survive
And when it seems as if your end is drawing near
Don't you dare give up the fight
Just put your trust beyond the sky...


from the day we know
you at somewhere i cnt reach
but our heart just stay at somewhere
we both reached together
im glad
over thousand millions of people
the one of the universe stil put us together
a time
a voice
a topic
a care
a love
a miss
an experience
a unexpected incident
you alwauys a good shoulder
and i dunno since when
100% i lean on
like how human need oxygen
a dolphin need water
becuz just sooo safe and reliable
is breahtless
thers ntg u guess wrong on me
thers not even once u disappoint me
just duno y.
u cn spent that time on me
i wonder y..
everytime i keep quiet
you know wats goin on my mind
u cn reach the deeper me that even myself cnt reach
i told you
the ending alwis nt the most important element
as u said
it wil fade away some days
but there stg wil alwiz forever keeping
deep inside the mind.
u r now
with my permission
go the blue sea u love
blue sky u adore
i will go on
keeping the GOOD element u inserted for me
be someone better.
you know..
i wish i cn be the one u wish me to be right now.
if i can,
i wish i cn too.
but u just know me too well
u know i need time
mayb a longer one compare to others.
cause im just being that dumb lik u said
but u know..and i know
this time
just allow me put down the ''strong'' u need
for just a while..
promise u.
it not goin to be an excuse
is truly hurt this time
i need time to heal
u told me
time is the best medcine
i promise
what i had promised u..
ther so much u need me to do ,to follow and obey
and so......
i wish and i hope u move on
with no boundaries
u know the MUST
had pass throught btw us forever.
so allow me to giv u a must this time
rest in peace
my love