Wednesday, December 30, 2009


aaron-me-peik-yau kin-khai soon
edwin and pretty daniel
was a good good night with them
at least better than my christmas countdown
suppose to reach peik's house at 8pm as i promise daniel
our good timer edwin cheah
we reached around 9.30pm
start v mahjong and poker ~~ truly bad v my mahjong
thanks our sifu
-lau yau kin least i win for few times
and ya..after yaukin turn to help edwin
he keep winning after that
so not fair~~
korean mee-daniel call it as wan tan ho
by peik zhi was truly nice
and thanks peik zhi for the gift
korean cosmetic and food
plus the lovely cookies ~~
i love it soo much

Saturday, December 26, 2009



Wednesday, December 23, 2009


new look of me
hw do you think??

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


went to watch THE FROG AND THE PRINCESS...
with peik, siew hui, aaron and edwin
not bad~~finally ther some fairy tales story lik cinderella again
bt just change to TIANA.(obama able to change our normal expectation on fairy tales).hahah...
went sushi v edwin ,aaron and siew hui..
did hav some chat v siew hui~~
i wish i cn chat v every of my girl fren lik me n siew hui
just feel alot of them stil busy in ipoh~
and today
dis gang of girl and guy help me to clear the boredom~
thanks edwin for the treat for all of us as well~
yest..went to station one cafe and night market v peik zhi
and both of us called up to more than 10 frens..
too bad most of them are busy
neway.. glad that yaukin,edwin,aaron and siew hui join us after all..
and is pretty good enough
we met a lot of amc-ians ther
like kimberly and gang~~
just forget hw excited i am lik them last year
after a month of heavy test..and they gt their freedom now~~
a hang out lik dis is neccessary..
to update each other of wat happening
as im stil outdated v some of the incident~
neway..feel excited for peik zhi who goin korea soon~~
sure gona be fun
received my results before i leave home for gathering yest
and the result..
doesnt really make me feel happy or really sad stil sad for my bio result~~
just out of expectation~~~
for kitmun and peiwah at japan
wish u 2 enjoy in ur host family~~
i miss japan
i miss the unagi, shasimi,udon,biifu(beef)..and of course
the milk soft cream from kumamoto moutain~~
so u two gona help me to eat more as well~~

Sunday, December 13, 2009


melanie had reminded me
cant imagine a year had passed~~
is like exactly a year ago im standing at the KLIA
and missing everything
when a bunch of us..feeling excited with the weather of japan
the food and especially the family~
the day exactly a year ago
im excited in meeting zjin,peik and daniel
i stil rmb the burger king at changi airport~
and the luggage which fell down frm escalator by me n zjin
which formed an embarass scene~~
for sure.
i miss my nagase and takehara families~

at ipoh right now~
ate my laksa for twice for 3 days im bec~
and im gona spend rest of my hols here
will meet everyone at ipoh~~
the weather truly crazy ~~
i need heavy rain that cool down the msia weather~~
cnt wait to finis "BORN RICH" ..
khai soon.u gona finis it by tonite!!!!
i dono wats wrong v my computer..
most of the programmes shut down.
which made me kinda frustrated v so~~
is HOLIDAY!!i need com the most~
realized things alwiz not under control~
rest down and let things go on its way
is the best way sometimes~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a day after many days

guess been sometime i din update my blog
too busy v some outings and gathering~
photos above is the steamboat nite
got to meet v neil and brian's classmates
which most of them only age 16..
ouchh.i sounds soo old now~~
neway..great to meet them~
spent too much on clothes
help!!gosh..i shld stop spending~~
followed JIN to kajang, one u and mont kiara..
got to eat the spicy soup at kajang~~
waffles at hartamas
soooo damn nice~~
and the whole just lik and sleep~~
gt to meet v james after that.and POKER time~~
hahaha.neway..just for a while
and realize dis few days really made me exhausted~~
and u r right~~
again i sleep til vv late~~
neway...totally charge up again~~
packing up my stuff ..
i wil be back to ipoh tmr~~
wohooo~~~ again?
don care~~~
especially, MEISHAN,JIN, LYNN, DIDI,JAMES, LUCAS,RIN ,ALI,SYN DEE..and bunch of great clasmates
feel bad for not meeting u guys nex term~~
neway..we shld gather again..
safe trip for JIN who back to china..
happy holidays for caryn who goin hols soon
and for sure..PEIK ZHI and AGNES who go for korean trip....
shld rest my mind today v series and chating~~
COTTON ON dress truly nice =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


went pavilion with caryn,his bf alan and meishan~
the decoration just soo nice
consider the best among few shoping complex
and ..the place just sooooo
and everyone holding camera to take pic around~~
the nicest part is actly
they put on snow( i think foam)
it make the whole buliding look soo nice~~
den went to "happy day"
hav a drink v them~~
funny conversation we had~~
den bec home
i just hav no idea why im snoring the whole day..
i gt enuf sleep~~i gt enuf rest old habit came out again~~

Friday, December 4, 2009


our rm2 doggie~~ which later transform into snake,giraffe~~and being abandoned at purikura room..hahaa
neil ,carina, jeremy
brian, me

woohoo~~white christmas

nice decoration at ONE U

we are crazy, bt we making fun

our celebration day~~~
first semester FINAL TEST WAS OVER
truly a great day yest ~~
v neils, jeremy,carina and brian
5 of us went to NEWAY and sing
watch COUPLE TREAT as well
last bt not least..
NEway is truly good with their food~~
5 ppl wil get 9 dishes~
make us lik in a party more than just singing
but their MV just kinda bad
thers many song without lyrics and the mic nt working as well~
neway..we stil manage to get our fun ther~~
followed up by COUPLE RETREAT
brian , neil and carina is stil they manage to get in v me n jeremy~
shld be a great movie for couples~~
the island over ther just oso amazing
i wish i can go somewher lik dis one day~~
sooooooo NICEEEEEE...
those snorkeling.fountain..omg~~
bt kinda funny too~~
we managed to take PURIKURA-sticker photo..
which stg i nvr do for ages..
the last time im taking is at japan
and the photo in my purse for exactly a year dy~
everytime open up the purse..
remind me about my host parents over ther~
wish they all are fine
guess they busy preparing for christmas this year
wish everyone with great holiday~
i know caryn u wil hav the great great one~~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


FInally the final over!!!!!
just feel sooo excited with it~~
terrible november n october
which full with presentation,assignmnet and test~
finally i get a break for that~
new member of sister..
pure breed golden retriever.. 2 months~~
bt he just sooo fat~~
first semester ended~
looking forward with gathering with frens ~~