Thursday, March 19, 2009

a simple day

went to see doctor dis morning..for ns check up...neway..i don tink im goin...tmr is de bother!! having lunch v siew hui, peik, kit yin.......then 4 of us turn up for the facon i did walk around and get some information from few college..neway..i don tink my dad wil bother it..wat he tink is only local u..and form6... so whn i bec home and talked dat to lik once again wasting my time..after having dinner...stomach suddenly feel pain..i guess is i cnt find out y i gt it today...myb abit late for my lunch..aiks...weak body....b4 writing dis blog..get a call from my cousin ...he is nw an chemical engineer and having his master course at wher my dad wana push me in..."who dont know UTP is great, but

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NEw user

chat v nicole yest nite..she asked me not to lazy to change my blog...for those hu dunno my previous hav look on ntg much on my first blogging..stil de same..wana share some japan experience v fren over here...

photo above is my home when i reach a lovely home...and i really miss ther too much...