Thursday, April 29, 2010


our funniest chem andrew

nt to do stg wrong.. bt i jz wana show.mickey has middle finger too!!

0ur temporary chem teacher.miss sarah

im soo focus with the alcohol!!

tuesday theme..
childhood day/cartoon day
was having fun with my frens
as most of them dress up as mickey..pikachu..much much more
i jz gt a simple mickey tshirt
and mickey hands frm caryn!!
monday was our chem lab too~~
all of us having fun distilling alcohol!
and i truly lik our alcohol
which is made frm sugar cane
the smell is sooo sweet!!
mr andrew say
" you wont wana drink it..cuz the alcohol might up to 40%.i scare u cnt walk properly later"
and he keep repeating the same thing
" u guys can see the boiling flask doesnt broke..
cuz cuz..
it is nt made in china..thats how we compare!!"
skipped the dress up day for wed and today
cuz i left my yukata at ipoh!
tmr .is pink green red day
im goin to dress up in green!! =)
cnt believe
my thurs gona over soon
and tmr is friday
MOVIE day~=)
good luck to all my fren who perform on musical
i wana go tmr bt the ticket sold out !!!
*being bad girl today..i skipped data class just for breakfast..
cuz im jz too hungry!!!"
chem and physic quiz over today
btw.. my physic rube golberg project video is up on FB!!!
go view ppl!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

twin day ~monday

funniest pic for the day
can u spot the superman twins behind!! IS zer hann and fren

lovely pic

is dress up week again
today theme is to be twin with someone else
and yea..
im having fun being twins v caryn in college
i love the way we match up!!!
red black( match with taylor logo)
jz soo funny
when we walk together along the street
ppl just stare at us..
and gv a big smile on their lips!
is cartoon day tmr!!!
more pic coming soon~ =)

rube golberg

our machine!!! cool !!
our big bang group and mr gary allen
was the most significant day
for all the physic student in ICPU
the biggest project ever for physic student
i can say one of the biggest project in ICPU
and yea
can u see the 4 floors machine!!
is built by me , carina, neil and zern hann!!
stg look simple
bt could squeeze ur head till crazy
when building it
and the second when it works
4 of us just scream lik hell!!!
i shld say ntg can describe the excitement
although it doesnt work perfectly on that day itself..
and soo we didnt get full marks
bt good enough to be above 96 in every category!!
had a great day at choo house for 2 days
for nt planning to stay over
and i stayed more than 36 hours there!!
is great to be with fren in workin stg
i miss this v all my leo frensss..
congrats to all physic student
it was a successful day!!!
applause again !!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy birthday to myself~~ =)

me and monkey baby aka caryn chew

A vvv Big thank you
to everyone who text in
especially for those who stay oversea..
nvr expect u guys wil cal in for the birthday wish~
thanks ha for the lovely post
thanks serene and aaron for the call
thanks lex for the photo.the call .and potrait
specially thanks to
my bunch of great college fren..
u guys just made me sooo touch and happy today..
thanks vims who locked me into the room for 15 mins..
he even get IMran to stay outside both door..
and countdown for me!!!
and hw tricky he is get me into the trap!!!
and i feel warm actly after all
thanks caryn for the cute monkey...blogpost and also lovely card!!
i love the monkey..and i wil hug it all the time <3..
thanks for staying at college eventhough u nt feeling well
thanks alan for the lovely photo frame..
i love ur words over ther!!
i promise to be happy all the time =)
and the cake and suprise by
woon jie,thomas, choo,margaret,lourene,weichien,
andrew,evon,koay and marco!!
that i love to be ur fren
and i feel lucky enough to have u guys as my fren!!!
and yea
you guys are the reason for my

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a great day

was taking video for malaysian studies yest~
it was soo fun with my awesome group mate
thomas, koay,caryn.choo and alan
and i jz cnt stop laughing viewing the video again and again
even my mum and bro keep laughing on that!!!
i truly enjoy the day
with the breakfast ,lunch and dinner together~
for the great video
for the great shot and idea!!!
we did a great day!!!!
did stg meaningful !!
which is cleaning choo house!!
with the help of alan and caryn
cho0.u better keep ur house clean and tidy!!!
if i see it dirty again!!!
im gona beat u!!!!
thurs nite
was pretty awesome too
i feel extremely excited when seeing the physic step
actually working on our machine!!
another bunch of great group mate
neil,zern hann and carina!!!
although dis semester is pretty busy and tired
bt honestly..i love this semester!!
i enjoy alot
and im gona miss this alot~!!!
my cousin bro is right,
my family problem recently just lik the drama on tv..
and even myself couldnt believe wat is happening now~
after all,,
human stll human!!
the most realistic creature on earth
alrite..finish crapping
gona back to my work~
ther chem presentation and test nex week!!
(while typing my name.. i jz recall wat my bro told me dis morning,
that thers a guy name chris chin at his company too..
he added
a fat and round chubby guy!!wth)
(i will hav mine later at shopping centre and project !!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

saturday morning

even myself kinda surprise
that im here on dis saturday morning
i love the rainy weather right now~
the canadian english test was pretty okay
was time to move out as presentation,assignment and test murdered us for like
hundred hundred hours
gt to sunway for movie and dinner~
had some great time with bunch of great coursemate
" how to train dragon"
the dragon just sooo cute~
hahahaa.. like the bee dragon which fat,round and buzzing around
and for sure
he just look exactly like stitch~
is nt a super duper great movie
just nice for a relaxing friday~
and yea..
is nice that i gt to eat sushi..
which i didnt for sometime~
is coupling season over my college now~
wish u guys get along vv well all the time
cuz u had make him more caring now
and ...
things just nt ended perfectly for the day
i lost my keys..
and this is my first time to lost my own key..
and lex u r right
this is nt first time
i had lost my dad's mum's one
for thousand times~
i wana be a more alert girl~
we forgot to take picture =(
a group picture~
listening stevie -i'll be fine
i guess it reach a confirm state that im nt willing to accept~

Monday, April 5, 2010

a monday =)

=just a long long day
chemistry test just over few hours ago
while everyone stl discussing bout the ans and question
i rather keep myself out from it
nothing i can do anymore
bt just pray for wat i did
wont disappointing my self once again~
nt a bad day actly
presentation and work due tmr ..
all get postponed
lecturer kinda understanding somehow
so up now gona be my data presentation
and followed by my physic presentation
had a great time back in the weekend
able to gather up v all the cousin
enjoying mum great food
perhaps u might feel the same
being sometime out from the home
u actly wil realize..
theres no where on the earth better than home
the 4 hours journey drove me crazy yesterday back to my room
and done for my first day of the week
just get oscar home
damn noty~
but he is cute =)
second by second
the never ending turning
im gona grab tight v every second
the unique feeling back once again