Wednesday, July 29, 2009


finally ....finally.....................
TEST over ..PRESENTATION oveR!!! i wana SCREAM out loud!!!
don so happy chris!! u still gt assignment to do...and up to thousands words!!!!
really suffer alot v my sickness...cough,sorethroat...!!!
see doc for twice..and yet im still not yet fully recover!!!!! cough, sleep cough, eat cough,bathing cough !!! I HATE COUGHING!!!!!

went to see doc for the 2nd time yesterday..keep telling doc i get worse.... so he gav me another stronger antibiotic and cough medcine....and it cause me INSOMIA..i cant sleep the whole nite!!! Damn!!im having test and presentation today...aikss..i guess i screwed up both.. i feel sleepy whn im in class...
doc did asked me not to go class if possible cuz he said my situation nt stable..I HAVE NO CHOICE!!! stil wondering whether need to attend tmr tmr having FLEA market.. kinda intrested v it.......for all..i just wish i cn recover on the nex second....

anyway..gona get a good sleep today n start my assignment..which my thesis statement nt yet be approved!!! i need a backpack!!! i need a new sandals!! i new dress!!!! gona go shoping dis weekend..jz don care!!! I NEED REST.. my mind truly exhausted..

wish everyone gona hav a good friday and weekend...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

busy week

gona be a busy quiz, advanced function test plus presentation.... quiz was over dis morning..and the other two wil fall on the same day....and i wonder y my coughing getting serious......throat soooo damn pain!! hopefully wil recover as soon as possible.i don wan present v such ''sexy'' voice..and cnt even complete a sentence with the cough...

staying bec dis 2 days and discuss bout the presentation coming thurs...

monday...having lunch v caryn... we order the same food , but only come out v the boss feel so sorry for dat.and gives us PAPPA bun as apologise........almost done v the script for the presentation.

tuesday(today)- having lunch v caryn again... we order the same food, and again come up v 1 set only.i wonder y the samething happen on both of us again n again..haha.. neway..we found the great place here.. calm n quiet..ghauvi cnt wait to bring her bf up.!!!hahaha.. yea.good place for dating.cuz is dark n quite... so v one voice.we agree for discussion at the same place..

today bio quiz..i tink i did it badly..jz don care...i hate coughing seriously ler...thanks margaret for the sweets~ kind of u..........

on the way to THE STREET CAFE today..a boy stop us and keep persuading us to buy the mask..and we end up by buying one.. hope u win in ur competition...

Monday, July 20, 2009


a rainy day today, i love not today~ had my lunch with yeeyang,fiona and their frens...

i realise i truly don lik the smell in SUBWAY...weird smell ther.. just don lik it although the sandwich kinda good ......den join weiling for her lunch..thanks her for the drink she purposely take for me....

then on the way to lunch...suddenly stop by a gang of DELL company salers......and after answering 3 simple questions..u can get ur notebook and photo dumb ler the photo taking session.i means me..v a blur look after class......
good discussion for english lesson today...MEN vs at the same time ,truly worry on our presentation and assignment~~~!!!!!!!!!!sigh....gambateh lo.....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


so..monday again~ mind bursting out with all the homework and assignment...... oh.damn!!! everyday my mind flooding with wat marxist criticism, formalism...and all for the coming essay!!! question requested to those criticism applied in the essay .
....... OMGodness.wats all dis about?? an least 4 pages?? omg omg omg............... how much time i need to finis it up again?? advanced funciton quiz .test.eng assignment ..presentation...guess nt gona be a busy week but a busy month............

sweet time gona start working on~~~

downloading''gossip girl season2''...wohohoho..great one~serena,blair..and i like dan humprey seriously...........cnt wait to finis it up lik shue voon..envy u~heheh


okays...stop blogging.start working~~ homework waiting for me..
hav a good day everyone..

spidey..feel so good chating v u las nite..u r rite.we shall make it more often..too much to share..and too little time we hav..haha

p.s.i miss obeying every word u saying and u gona promise not to fight v me over that''secret''..hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

friday wohohoho

though not a very good day..just wana share something which suddenly recall my mind whn i look through my photo file...the pic above is somewher i took at japan spa room..hav a deeper memories on this picture whn i remember how embarass i am for nearly step into a opposite sex spa room.

audrey,my youth exchange mate during japan time, she duno hw to read chinese word so she asked me whether i know it well.without any doubt.i said..SURE! so before goin into the woman room, i step into the man's one...and i still don realise....i overlooked the title outside..and whn i heard the voice..i was lik..faster turn back!!!! hahaha..just nearly..and luckily we didnt made the wrong move!! btw, i heard wat zjin n daniel told me bout how man behave in the spa room, dats kinda ........hahaha......
feel like sharing a lines with you all which i learnt in class today...
there's no one can ever arrange in his own life,
when he's kid anyway, to suit himself. gotta make peace sometime with the life you were born with.....
ya..human...we born differently...with different background ,we fated to congregate each other as fren, family and even enemy. however, the different is not for you to admonish the place you from..not to measure money and races...but is a challege!!! a challege where u should stay at ur own position, posses urself in a good path.riding on the road as following the flow set for you.... you cnt ignore the the past..there might be something you should left behind, but you should bring on the things u feel right and good.. dont left everything behind...keeping the good one all the way is the only way to form a wealthy you...wealthy in its morality and human sense.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


so the whole week spent up v homework...homework and homework..nvr expect that a pre u course cn atttach v sooooo many homework.. neway...for bio and advanced function, consider can cope up with and get use v the class....but..bout the english4U class, for super duper hard!! everyday interpreting poem, studying poem... and even interpret a painting...i truly feel blank with dat..trying to catch trying still feel dats far far from me.. i wish my english cn be better, i wish my mind can be more und every single thing.. i hate doubts..truly hate that..

weekend coming~rest time~~ i wana sleep up to 10 hours!!

good luck for tmr bio quiz!!!
good luck for your interview and presentation...

p.s.thanks for everything..if without you, i wouldnt know what to do..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


obstacles,problems, and everything flooding my mind.
i don't really know which is the best solution, cause every decision im trying to make,it come with both good and bad side.
im trying to deal with it, im trying..
i decided the one i feel is the best for my feeling , but guess not the reality !

not everyone born in such good brain, not everyone born up in a good environment, i know no matter how much effort i put in, there stil freckles...

however, thats the only way to the summit.....
im scare of guilty.. i wish what am i doing wont fall into that,

i wonder whether i have enough determintion to go on, but at least for now, im trying it...

before closing of the day, just to think about, what you had did today benefit tomorrow??
when u wake up tomorrow, will you thanks for yesterdaY?...

i wish i can ,able to put all my hardwork just to satisfy myself.i wish i can...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday a real dog
well..lets me talk bout my sunday..woke up early and attended a dog competition function around shah alam.. is a great place..all the dog just around..and they all soooo damn cute..
i wish i cn own one i noe time n money is needed..and plus i nvr been take care of any my dad nvr allow..hopefully nex time i can get myself one.
after dat.heading to midvalley ..thers mega sales TOO!!! i bought bag n shorts with good price..whee..hehehe...continue v my dinner at TELUK GONG..a nice seafood finis dinner.bec home..clean my place n finis up my homework....
p.s.u alwis be with me whenever i need to... i wish to tel miracle for me too...


whee...back to ipoh after lesson ended on friday..........having dinner at home ( the best dinner i ever hav during the week)..wish to learn how to boil jz too complicated for my stage...after that, heading to oldtown kopitiam to meet serene,ha,sam and jia wei....seriously..i truly love to be with u all...I MISS THE TIME...truly miss the way we chat which is hard to find others than us ........sharing...gossip-ing just to chat lik us..after dat, heading to MAMMA MIA..for the nex round..hahaha.. chat lots more in the privacy place..haha.the environment just so great.and las round at mamak stall..........whee..sam stil can order the fried mee n fried chicken..damn great ler him!!!!i envy getting fatter as wat sam n jia wei im gona be slimmer for the nex round im seeing u guys..hahaha

great nite of sharing, chating.,..heart to heart sharing.. whee~~ I JUST LOVE IT~~thanks jia wai for the fetch bec home and of magical bed..i miss it badly n madly...hav a good sleep...

so woke up around 9 the nex day..and goin for breakfast.i love the food..i miss the food~!even i ate it yest.i miss it now~~!!! went to bridal shop and at last ..chosen the too nice those bridal dress..wish im able to wear it up one day~~ehehehe....

having second dinner before heading bec to subang...

now i realise ipoh stil the best place for gona try n learn hard to adpat myself here!!! lots of homework...and i truly dumb in my maths.......... need a longer to time to absorb and understand compared to brain start to slow down~~help me!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the 3rd day

as usual.getting up early today.get myself ready and rush to college.. late.. i hate being late actly.. i know teacher wil definetly say stg.. as wat i expected,she said: so if u late lik this nex week, im gona deduct ur mark. aiks...don care long i get into clas before lesson start.. bt how..thers traffic jam!!! lesson goin kinda smooth my mind stuck whn teacher talking bout hydrogen bond n function~~ i realised my mind not functioning for sometime.. truly hate dis kind of feeling.. during eng lesson, we asked to write a essay.. given a short sentence as idea''2 people sitting along park bench, seeing sunset near the lake"..i guess my english truly worst.. my vocubolary n grammar shld hav tons of mistake i think..
so after writing de lindsay asked us to share our stories v other student.. and i realise...UNHAPPY stories is lik bout 80 percent of the class..haha.. mine,is frens mum passed away, the other two is husband and brothers..i wonder how come we are minded so!!
finis class n get msg by ivan for done v my student id stuff.. so went for lunch v him. so surprise and happy whn i get peik zhi call..she said she on the way to my place ...i thought is just her n khaisoon..truly feel great dy..
and surprisingly..raymond,yvonne,sockteng,zjin came along too..i was lik SOOOOO DAMNN GREAT..truly wish to study v u guys. guess i wil nvr need sleep being v u all..chating v u guys really the best thing..hahah..
went home .and thers homework~~~ goin to work on it later~~ wonder wat to hav for my dinner as well..

whee..goin bec dis friday..goin to meet serene teh..PP and all..i MISS u all seriously!!!

p.s.wohohoho..devil reached ther~~waiting for angel on the line~

Monday, July 6, 2009

first day in college my first day at college today....kinda nervous in the morning..cuz scared cnt get along v frenz..neway... is fine after getting into the hall..around 200 ppl i tink in the hall...some of them frm iran,iraq,taiwan,tanazian and jz one i knew from ipoh lik me......... knew a cute girl today ,her name is caryn... both of us lik coming alone and jz duno y we r sitting together and start chating.. she truly a sweet looking girl..and she is someone frenly. wat a coincidence she frm leo club too..attending leo forum as well.. so truly nice to meet her..and oso farah,alison,maryam..and soo on......... recevied my timetable today..everday my class end before noon ..jz start abit earlier.lik is okay..hehehe.. at least i cn meet up peik zhi after dat..wooohooo~~

so ther section where we need to get 15 names of someone u duno and 4 teachers name who do not teach n caryn was lik..lets us get upstairs to get their signature.. erm..guess we two are the first two who get upstairs..thanks those lecturer..they jz being sooo frenly n nice..everything was kinda good dismiss around i went lunch v meishan......thanks for accompany me in the morning n after class...thanks alot.

getting bus home n reach around 4 ... get call frm wei ling..and i get someone asked me for dinner..hehe.. hueibin,alfred,me ,weiling n sinyi goin for dinner over summit...thanks hueibin for fetching me bec~~guess i had been ages nt seeing u.....

hoping for a better day tmr~~hav a good sleep everyone~

Sunday, July 5, 2009


woke up around 10 stg dis morning..went breakfast v bro n dai sou ler..hehe..den tried to get into bus on my own today..frm my place to college..and bec to home takes ages to go.. is jz too bored to wait..hw wish my college jz stated nex to me..neway...smooth i tink..

bec frm movie v ivan on ICE AGE 3..a funny n cute movie..good one i can say.. queue up for bout half an hour jz to get the ticket..and the movie take almost 2 hours to go.. cute ellie ,manny,,and oso SID!!!hehehe.. afterdat.he brought me to SWEET DELIGHT for dinner.. his fren's place.. nice food over ther...

ooohhss..tmr gona be my first day at college..feel nervous curious on how my coursemate be...wil they frenly??can i get along v them?? oowhh.jz hope everytg gona be fine tmr..bless me~~~

nitez n sweet dream to everyone..especially to peikzhi,raymond and gf,joozjin,weiling..sinyi ...for the first day of college.. all da best...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


felt hapy to meet up kaiteng,sookmun,peik zhi and especially aaron..he back frm aus!!relax frenz..he free from H1N1..cuz few of us stil healthy.....long time nvr been step out frm my house..feel great to chat v u all.. how hope u guys are my mates..uni mates.. shld be great n fun everyday!!!!

reached subang yest...thanks peik zhi n parents who fetch me here!! and so sorry to make u all wait for me.. clumsy dad who gave me the wrong key.. had to wait bro rush bec frm company.... went to peik zhi's residence area..kinda strict..all visitor had to measure their temperature before enter.. im in 36 consider reach kl home around 4pm...

when i gt the wrong key..i called my dad..and here the conversation

me: dad,do you know u pass me the wrong key??
dad: har?? i duno ..nvr use also...
me: omg..its been years u bought this house, u nvr use it??
dad: ur bro ther all da time, i don hav to use it..
me: i cant enter the house now...and peik zhi's dad n mum gona wait me still
dad:so u standing outside door now?
me: sure la...
dad.: very hot then??cham lo..
me: ei..stop talking nonsense la..U PASSED ME THE WRONG KEY!!
dad: i cnt help..u wait ur bro bec then..

me: arghhhh....bye!!

my dad always called me n talk stg lik dat~~~=.=which make me don und~

woke up dis morning..i swept de floor..mop the floor..clean all the cupboard~~
wohohho..nw i und hw difficult to clean up a house..yet i feel statisfy v it,.IS CLEAN NOW...
is clean because of me..wohoho..
half way mopping de floor..get the call frm sor por serene teh~~~hehehe.. im happy to listen ur voice ..miss u heavily..cnt wait to meet u~~

watchin drama half way..khai soon msg in ..and we went out to meet each other..great talk v u..ipoh lang!!!hahahahah~ enjoy ur nitez~