Friday, May 28, 2010

to return ~

had a great outing yesterday
was being a bad girl as i chose outing over study~
thers no regret as i met up v meitean, khaiyuet,ji teng
"im the youngest among them"
yea.they all my senior for high school..
im kinda suprise that actually we can hang out together
as we don even talk to each other at school last time..
we manage to watch PRINCE OF PERSIA
it's actually a very beautiful story..
i wish i own the sand...which can take me back soemdays i can recorrect my mistake
thers always regret in our life..
and i wish it getting less for the comin days..
im surprised that the movie actually with good ending..
after had some drink and photos
we played pool for lik one hour plus before dinner~
haha.. is funny for ppl lik me n tean play pool~
we actually just spending some time ther..
the dinner truly statisfying..
the spaghetti..the place~
after all..only i gt to remember my CHEMISTRY
stil waiting for me~
i gt enough rest yest~
i gt enough fun yest~
i shoooullldddd.... study vvv hard today!!!
i wil be right back with some picture~~
and yea.
my camera finally working!!!!wohoo~~~
for the piglet,
i miss you <3

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



was a great weekend for me
shld say one of the best weekend =)
celebration ..
~surprise <3..
dinner =)

a great birthday night with andrew and caryn
hope the birthday boy and girl will feel happy with the night
truly wish you two had a a great day


a day to remember <3
he surprised me with his words
with the smile on my lips he gave it to me~
our story begin~
baby....i want to tel you that
i really feel warm and happy with everything ~
i feel great when im with you =)
thanks for the surprise~

went midvalley with
peik zhi,sock teng,siew hui,shum n zjin
suppose to watch movie
yet ended up v shopping
and together all of us
went dinner at ISHIN with baby and mark
thumbs up for the food there!!
is just sooo nice~ yummy!!
and yea
we met AH HONG, the taiwanese tv host there
he was having his dinner there too
surprisingly he actually come and talked to us after the picture~
he looks better than he is on tv~
bonus point for his friendliness~

after dinner,
we moved on to cinema
the storyline kinda normal
bt overall still a good one~
FREDDY is on everyone's mind now =)
guess im over tired.
i gt a nice sleep..even Freddy don dare to disturb my sweet sweet dream~

will update more soon~
my mind not really functioning now~

15 May just like sweet dream for me~
and is all because u r here with me
i miss you <3

currently listen to
"somebody like you" by keith urban~
"Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine,
Shining down on me and you.
When you put your arms around me,
Well, baby there ain't nothing in this world I can't do".

Friday, May 7, 2010


just realize my last post was lik a week ago
feel sorry for abandon the blog for sometimes
was all because of the test and test!!!
feel grateful to be at ipoh right now
i miss my magic bed
i miss everything here~
the food..the people~
as usual,
i just back frm meeting up v xinyi..
ouchh.. she gt a sweet sweet bf~
reached ipoh around 8stg yest
had my super warm n nice dinner
(myb just a usual one, bt it seem realy nice to me..cuz i terribly miss my mum's soup)
chat v dad and mum before i gt to bed~
THanks peik zhi for fetching me back~
thanks wj who waited me for someitme..
u r definitely a good PA~ =)
watched IRON MAN 2 las friday
the movie is quite good~
the good part is nt really bout the the character actly
had a great nite with woon jie and of course..his fren!! especially MOO..haha
can never see someone drunk and hyper lik him!
he is damn funny!
gona celebrate mum's day later~
shld get a nap right now
great start of weekend~