Friday, October 29, 2010

another day

got an early celebration for this halloween this year
i'd join my friend for their college event
oh yea..if you could see it from the picture
.i actually tried to dress up like a zombie .

was truly impressed by the UTAR-ians
they dressed up really nicely.... and no doubt
it was better than the function i went last year
which mainly because of the crowd..and how sporting they were
backdrops and cool event place they had
i guess it could be superb great event for me if im one of the student there

but it was great that this bunch of friend brought me to kampar again
hmm..i guess it's been quite some time since i last went there...
and of was my first time in UTAR..
the environment is truly nice for study~

finally got myself updated with the series
the sixth episode of HIMYM is truly a great one!!
"it is important to feel needed"-TED MOSBY

thanks to gareth, darren and melvin who came by this evening for bubble milk tea~
and guys worn the same tshirt!!!

as long it goes on this way...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

currently listening :
dear god- avenge sevenfold

it's been a while since i last wrote about myself
I'm doing good ~
most of my time fulfilled with work and still work
it's indeed a good job though abit too tiring for me
boss is nice ..colleagues are friendly.. i've been treated like part of their family
im consider lucky for my first full time job in my life
only boss the one who complain that i always bully him
he claimed that i should be responsible for all the bruise on his arms ..
most important
i can make myself the nice milk tea and fruit tea now =)

went for paintball games few days ago
it was awesome
though it hurts alot
the games is just no pain no gain
and i just feel bad for not going the night ops this saturday night~
it's gonna be super duper fun

you cant be when im not

Monday, October 4, 2010

never say never

for once in my life
i'm so confident that i made the right choice

the uneasy feeling came in
when i recaptured the past
and now
i don't understand
for what reason i made that choice?
for what reason i thought i am so right at once
and i feel so wrong right now.

an advice to myself
when you think you are the smartest
in making a decision
think twice ..
no matter how
try to figure out the other possibilities.
cause you should
never say never

*the never had killed part of me silently*

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the right way

the real confident is that you are able to retrospect with a positive curve on your lips=)