Saturday, May 30, 2009


 duno wats happen to my line..hard for me to upload photo.neway.promise to upload it again.erm..3 weeks in form 6..i duno wat im studying..myb becuz i nvr pay full attention with yet...kinda lik my class.....firstly.most of the gals is frm previous clasmate..and the other new fren..boys n gals all kinda frenly..dat wat made me feel comfortable..

so lets talk bout the teachers in samtet.....

PN JACQUELINE- the nice n frenly form teacher...a good bio teacher..

MR TAN-the one who act exactly lik amc teacher....yet..he nvr think his sound is too soft..he will just switch the fan to the lower speed whn you said you cnt hear wat he saying.

MR HENRY- the one who alwiz repeating''topic sentence..thesis..." and lik to ask me go photoscopy alot of exercise..

PN TONG- the one who always say me right..yet say me wrong at last..seriously.i don lik her smile whn teaching..haha.bad of me..

MR WANG-wee wang wang wee wang wang~~..the one who alwiz talk to himself..actly believe he good in maths..mayb nt dat good in he look funny..he made me n fiona laugh all da time.

MR CHOO- owhhh..the most cool teacher..alwiz dat stress during his lesson...yet..time pass..found he vv yeng also..hahahaha.. jz dat his homework TOOO MUCH...pity yik mun,julia and kar mun for all his question..haha..cnt he jz be abit warm to student?

okays..bec to our gang of frenzz..guess de group me n fiona sitting is extremely noisy group..haah..cnt deny dat....jz duno one sitting behind me.kar chuan alwiz v lots of comment n topic..yet honestly.he is someone frenly..although he lik to create nickname for others..haha.. den our class monitor.. someone look fiona said.he jz look lik a bee.. ''man zong zong''.he love cho chang!!!..hahaha.. then..kuan fei..someone vv talkative..yet..his house curtain is actly frm my shop..he knew de sensor ringbell system of mum shop...he stil rmbr dat..hahaa..dat wat i love to play with las time..hehehe..den justin..he is someone truly nice n well.....

okay.nex group... is monnie n bing group.. 5s5 gang..we use to go toilet together..guess dat wat kuan fei alwiz asked..hw come gals lik to go toilet together..just duno y..gals use to dat in a new environment..feel more secure n accompanied maybe..pooilim.ying bing and mon..guess i miss de time we go toilet together.go recess for the same food n walk out frm class during sch dismissal time together..I WIL MISS DAT VERY MUCH..and thers one ''phang'' sir in our class....

erm..nex the 2 quiet group-which my monitor lik ask me n fiona to compare them to us... haha..they are much more quiet.. there someone i wil lik to talk yik mun..i wil nvr forgot ur story bout ur proud of dat..hahahha.. u actly expert in posting during photography..hahaha...alvin..the most quiet one..yet de tallest in class..

shuiyan.the responsible''ketua kebersihan''-

he said''go infront and see de duty list''..

karmun:'' cn u jz put it down n let us read before stick on de board.."we thought he wil say ok..yet......

he said" NO..go to the front n see on ur own..!"

nt much on others classmate.all of them jz nice and good to get along...hehe

thats de L6B2 class of samtet 2009...

enjoying de 3 weeks with u guys..although we just noe for a short period of u guys forever my frenz...

p.s.miss fiona lee, munyee,pooilim,ying bing vvv much...


Friday, May 29, 2009

las day of form 6

finally is my las day at SAM TET sch.i stil rmb hw reluctant i am to this sch at first few days..keep telling him .i don wan go sch tmr..i wana skip sch tmr..every day i said so..luckily..i attend de full 15 sch days for 3 weeks.nvr skip any day..if i do so.guess im regreting right now..

wat i cn dat im having great classmate .. from knowing ...the one sitting infront n bec..until the whole class.. though we are not that great to get along v u guys..hahaha..

de only thing motivate me to sch everyday is only u all.. alwiz telling myself.u better meet them up as much as possible before u leave....ya...i dun hw to express all my feeling to u all just thanks for the 3 weeks spending great n memorable..
guess a more detail blog wil coming soon..tiring today..gona get a better post tmr..hehe
more photo tmr..ehehe...

btw.thanks justin n mon for u guys post.heheeh... one month..i cnt believe dat..hehehehe...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


so went for this movie v edwin yest....... erm..i cn said is a great lik giving me chemistry and history lesson..all bout proton..anti mass substance....and i guess i heard..wat galileo..pathenon..and bla bla...... for lik..sounds so familiar v my history textbook.cnt deny DAN BROWN is de brilliant author..came out v such great movie... bt guess DA VINCCI CODE story line is nicer..neway..both are great production that wat normal human being cnt thought of...cuz im the vvvery normal one..hehe... i love TOM HANKS in the serious yet so funny sometime..haha..2 and an half hours show brought my energy down.went home and sleep..haha..
thanks home internet system back to phone bill is being clear n activated now!!!
tmr wil be my last day at school..SAM TET sch....end my form 6 life ........for only being 3 weeks in this school...yet i feel heavy to leave ...i guess this bunch of classmate truly great.... i guess i will miss them vv much... especially the few of them behind me..and mostly is FIONA LEE... not surely monnie..pooi lim n ying bing...hahaha...u guys are great clasmate to me..i hope i wil such great clasmate lik u guys at college..hehe...
looking forward on nex week outing v u guys.....
cam-whoring day tomorrow!!!^^..thx pn ng for the permission..hehe.. day only be great with ur existance.. u r crucial n important..hhahaa


1. Besides your lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed? cheek
2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning? fresn and happy
3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with? siew hui
4. Would you consider yourself spoiled? no
5. Will you ever donate blood? nope..thats too pain
6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex? yes
7. Do you want someone to be dead? definetly No
8. What does your last text message say? movie on steven chow??or night at the musuem
9. What are you thinking right now? tomorrow
1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now? Ya..i hope
11. What was the time you went to bed last night? 8.15pm
12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now? is a primary sch camp tshirt..exclusive one
13. Is someone on your mind right now? Yeah.
14. Who was the last person who text you? Lex

Ten Lucky Person to do this quiz:
1. Lex
2. Peik zhi
3. Ha xin yi
4. Johnny
5. Ng mun yee
6. Kai Teng
7. Zhao xing
8. Nicole
9. Siew Hui
10. Sam

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with? yea..sweet one she having
16. Is no.3 a male or a female? Female.
17. If no.7 and no.1 get together, would it be a good? NO..DEFINETLY NO!!someone gona be heartpain
8. What is no.1 studying about?studying plus working
19. When was the last time you chatted with them? 1 hour ago..this morning..yesterday..few days ago and few weeks ago
20. Is no.4 single? nt sure for now.
21. Say something about no.2? lovely..and caring
22. What do you think about no.3 and no.6 being together?haha...wil only listen laughing all da time..unless they r lesbian
23. Describe no.9? Crazzzyyy!
24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight? erm...just talk to them..
25. Do you like no.8? Yea.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


so went to cloth association for prize giving day.. receive around one of the receiver.and wat the shock dat im ask to giv a speech on the stage for hw to hav full a's result..i was lik..huh?? don at last..gav few words on the stage.jz ask them nt to be too stress over watch more movie and stuff la...
p.s... i damn worry on you..i wana listen to ur voice.. aikss.. i wish u cn recover as soon as possible.. i wana cure you....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

friday nitez..gals nite

so get de call by siew hui..saying she gona leave to kampar for study soon...5 of,siew hui, lam ,peik n kitty hav our farewell for her..goin to JJ..for NIGHT IN THE MUSUEM.. haha..a relax n funny one..yet..i alwiz love dis kind of movie..something v cnt really feel in life..i wish life cn be lik in de movie...having surprise n unexpectation all da dat i cn named my life as intresting .......... hehehe.......... i love de king in the childish him..hahaha....''don cross de line, ur hand don cross de line'' lik kid la..or i should say dat happen to me before.hahaha..duno..jz love de not extremely is a relax one......guess i love comedy more n we went for steamboat after dat.. wohoo..a nice one.... long time nvr so enjoy eating v gal frenz.......honestly..long time didnt hav a bunch of gals hang out lik dat nite......met yik hoe n his fren..... ''de world jz so small''...(but y cnt i meet u...).......

suddenly.forgot who idea pop up..lets go for sticker photo.........guess had been years i nvr take sticker photo v my las time stil at japan v host family n frens....... i found out..sticker photo did made a memorable one for precious cuz we seldom take it.......after dat.... went to restaurant ..i don wish to mention where..cuz 6 of us...... did stg vv pai seh..we went out without making dats de nite for me...

Monday, May 18, 2009


so just back from KL yesterday...and get to buy my laptop..hav no idea at whn i came to dis shop n de display of the purple color lappie attracted to frm FUJITSU... so after checking the hardware stuff.....since the price is under budget..bought dat..and is MINE now..hahahaha.... cnt deny i really love purple color too much.... hahah.... getting clear with wat am im goin to study soon.hope everything goin on smoothly......

felt abit sick at don feel lik hanging around too much...get to buy a new shorts..hahaha..a different color i gt dis time...hope to get more color..a boring teacher day i ever had at sam tet dis lik no performance.just speech n presentation of best part of the day is in the class ..chating v frens around....i wonder how much time i left at this classroom ...chating v all dis sweet classmate..i bet i wil be missing them heavily..hahhaha.......

p.s..i love your words..i love the color u put it..guess dat wat made me fall in..hehehe....thanks for brigthen up my day..hehehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dat is

i hate it ..hate that i born in this family sometime..seriously......... is everyone rite to decide at dis age wat to study next.... yet..i duno y i nvr given a chance.......for those who know me well.know hw is my relationship v my doubt..i don lik him AT ALL~~ he control everything.... whatever im doing...he sure to against v his way.he nvr giv u a chance to explain or voice out..cuz if u do so..u r rude.... i wana study dis, he against..i wana study here, he against..i wana in dis sub..he against.i wana in this class, he against........ for no reply of my scholarship, he start being more crazy, tellin everyone how stupid his daughter are for nt getting any scholarship.seriously ..i dont deserve..even 13 a1 student,she cnt get it......i should not feel bad on me.u r not vv poor..u r affortable..i duno wat u gona pay..ur stocks, ur house?? nothing on me..u duno about study..yet u control it..i don feel lik i should listening to a bull..and pls.those fren u noe doesnt mean u r clever..u r even worse than me., u jz listening to them !! lik a sorry for saying dat...being in everything i am not me~! I HATE WHAT AM I NOW..nothing i like in dis family........ i duno y i felt my sis n bro are better.dont i shld giv more chance if my result is no....i nvr ever being decide v wat i am now..... NOT EVEN ONE THING......... i wish i cn turn bec de ntg..n failed all my subject on exam..guess me n him wil feel better............

seriously..i don feel lik studyin anymore..everyone has their way to i cnt get my satisfaction on dis family ....... i jz wana tel them..pls.if u wana push me more that i cn be more leave dis family in de against bec everything..........
tears are dropping......nt being sad on myself..........i jz hate.... sometime things unfair will happen on a same person!!

im nt a aint a full human now....i felt a souless me.......i don feel happy..and i cn say..i hate it!~because of you..i cnt get any better reason to stay....

thanks ser n peik for talk to me jz least i feel calmer v u2...

Monday, May 11, 2009

form six

so yest was my first day on form 6.......yest was kinda boring.only speech by few teachers.eye half closed whole day long..went home n sleep more than 12 hours included my nap before goin to sch today .was refuse to wake up this morning cuz i don feel lik goin on to school again..however activities did change my thought.... station games kinda good one..wats important i tink our team is good one.....v r cooperative as well lead by a good leader... so everything went on smoothly....don really mind who is the winner tmr....wats important..we did enjoy the day.......


cheer up by the present from my her hardwork for me..i cn feel the sincerity from her..!!! i love u..ha xin yi!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

few days not here...however..ntg really celebrated mother's day yest...heading to stiawan for aunties n once v reach...i met lion su, doc chuah and v are off to restaurant..what a coincidence...v met again in the same v r kind of seafood v gt nt really nice.neway..bec to aunt's house....crazy nite v got..crapping v siblings..secret i from cousin bro..he having a new he is kind of honest..wat we asked..he wil jz answer..''kiss before?'', '' how long?''....etc kind of question...then having meeting for bro coming wedding...except my dad..all of us wil like to hav it at hometown..... even my 80++ grandma were so agree v us..haha..neway..stil hav no result after our objection i can say..go sleep around 1.30am..after chating v bendan.hehe..

woke up around 10am dis morning..yet hav my very YUMMY lunch...hahahaha!!! heading bec to ipoh.cuz bro n cousin sis goin bec to kl soon.....

thanks eri n michiyo for the email frm japan.thanks for passing my regards to host mummy alwiz missing u all...

Feels like it's deep within me
Doesn't really matter if you're on the run
It seems like we're meant to be

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

finish my tired day of work at shop plan for outing i wana stay at home .......on my msn ....hehe..i wana chat v those i feel to......... talk to him jz nw........hehe...... tortoise!! serene..realy hav a great chat v u.i miss u heaps..faster come bec..!! i guess we hav too much to chat on still....all da best on ur specialist maths nex week.gambateh!!

argue v dad just now...once talk on study..i guess theres no way for me to calm down..i just hate being told to follow stg i don big enuf... to choose wat i want......

currently listening..i knew i loved u..i cnt stop repeating de song..hehe..

for grandpa johnny who going to hav test in 1 hour time..all da blessing for u!! hehe...U CAN DO IT!!!

whee..going to get my license tomorrow!!twink twink~~

p.s ...I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe ...I knew I loved you before I met you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so went to xuening house yest for her mum birthday party.surprisingly we wear the same blue dress v shorts without knowing before that..haha....was a big party.guess more than 100 person who attend.for a woman, is totally sweet if husband n family still holding a such big birthday party for her..guess she really gt a sweet n happy family.. numbers of ppl dat i realy noe cn be count by stay til almost peik gona pass bec her car.... so after dat..straight down to FRENZ CAFE..4 of n mrs n leehou.....since long time din c de sardin yu.. so chat happily..

mr lau ------ miss aw

i forgot to take pic..sobzzz....

special note for mr lau: hahaha.......i wil help u to do wat u had request..haha..i will occupy her
time...wish u hav a safe journey over there..*no motive* !!!!wats 9 roses means?

HAPPY 5555 day..zi mui..hehe 05-05-09!!!

p.s...sorry for putting up those trouble..making u feel up n down...i hope i cn hold it stronger!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


is a pretty sunday..woke up exactly 12.47pm..haha...i feel lik sleeping think twice..better nt gona be pig which they always cal as!hahaha get down v my com again..n of course my drama plus chating v frenz n him..thought wil be staying at hm de whole day..neway..glad to receive her msg and v get to swim around 3 she came to fetch me v hers...hehehhehe... so purely jz went for swimming today..get bec hm around 5..and v my com...gona watch de hk drama later..hehe..downloading good song as well

currently listening to MAD....and ther is somebody MAD-ing v me on MAD..hahaha

p.s.thers doubt on my stg i cnt call i should put my doubt aside... and precious every moment now!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


im feeling guilty right now .......sometimes i wonder whether im giving u a wrong signal all this while.aiks..i guess i too rely on u .i tried before bt i don tink i can make different my fren.i should gt away n make it im a selfish one..i want remain everytg lik few years ago.....i thought v cn be best fren for all out of sudden....i don tink wat i need is time...cuz im kinda clear v wat im thinking nw...... v had reach the max line..i clearly the answer is NO.....i duno y ....i just felt so bad n guilty whenever v chat..i hope for a normal and simple life.... i hope to remain.........but is not as easy as i thought......

Friday, May 1, 2009

^^ sinchew few days ago.n surprisingly saw sis's fren n my fren too on it...their production had jz won de sinchew awards..haha.congratz hueibin n gangz..i jz view de truly a nice one......thumbs up for them!! so view it if u intrested..i bet u wil love it.......hehe....

5 stars for it!! hehe........