Monday, August 31, 2009


i feel cold right now

Sunday, August 30, 2009




was a great nite yest..
first time in a club~
well.ah foo did ask me hw am i feel about the first time here.. crazy one!!
but is a cool one too~
bcuz of the merdeka day
so the countdown became more significant..~
dis is the first time for my merdeka countdown
and dats great.
whole body get wet v those bubbles..
neway..i cnt really play much cuz of sickness
for a sitting ther..
happy that khai soon enjoy his birthday nite~
and everyone did enjoyed
thanks for giving me a great hols start!!!
everything just GREAT~
this is still not a suitable place for my outing
once a while is preferable
but not for OFTEN ~~

Saturday, August 29, 2009



met up my girls for sure
me-kityin-haxinyi-bear bear-chanxinyi and chee hao~
we had our dinner at
new open KOREAN BBQ..
yummy food~~
as usual..
the dinner full of fun..with our conversation.
updated each other and sharing stories(gossip we named)
just so great right...
having the same topic on something.hahaha
after dat.shift to oldtown kopitiam and continue our conversation
here come..SIFU SAM!!!
hav a turn at barroom just so crowded and pack..
bec home...
finised my medcine..
and the cough getting better.hopefully cn recover as soon as possible.
thanks edwin for the lunch today.
just so great that ur sis reminded us the good porridge we gt in IPOH!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


EXAM OVER!!!!!!!
actually nt really that big feeling like i expected
such a big day which i wish for so many days!!!
not same lik wat i use to go through during high school time
neway..stil glad with it.
and wat confirm..
i screwed up my both maths n eng paper
duno wats wrong v my day..
morning before i left my room
realise. i din see my watch for more than 12 hours..wher isit???
i find for sometime..nie get to see it under my bunch of messy clothes.
first day doin experiment at BIO LAB.
i shld take alot of pic v my long long lab coat today
but becuz of my exam mood really soo heavy..
no mood for that
rush up to 4th floor for the test v zeinab
she stil asked me whether i gt all my things frm lab..i said YES!!!
and a cal frm yeeyang..
''wow, u present me ur iphone ler!"
i was lik OMGODNESS!!!
i left my phone at lab..don care ler.he wil help me keep it
exam start..
open my pencil case...
whers my pencil?whers my ruler!??OMG>.
how cn i do my graph without my ruler n pencil???
feel soo worse actly..
who take for me up 4 stairs to me.
know u must be tired.realy thanks!!!
u r such a good clasmate!!!
i left all important things at lab!!!!
clumsy..dumb me!!!
eng test was much more tougher than we expected.
i cnt finis on time too.
don care ler.don tink soo much le pls
no holiday mood at all
sickness stil on me.hate the cough medcine damn much..
saw doc again yest nite..
doc : wat happen to u??
me: cough ler.really bad coughing
doc: do u smoke?
me: sure no ler
doc: really?nvm wor.cigrattes only..nt big deal
me: no no no..i hate smoking!!!!
doc: is ur stomach bleed before?
me: har?NO la
doc: wan me gv u MC?
me: no ler..thanks
he looked fun v his mask !!!! and he is humour too!!
3rd time clinic doc dis month!!!!
aiks..hopefully no nex time!!
i cnt stand it anymore
p.s.did some stupid thing with lex yest!! but it is fun!!as it reduce my stress !! pls..
just for will nie maintain at one!!! hope u get better today!!!
u wil be fine with all ur activities!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


finally..the eng n math quiz over today...
don soo happy......thers eng test,math test n bio quiz after tmr~yucksss
yest went sunway to meet up peik zhi ,raymond and gf and also sock teng......
walk around to get sock teng formal costume..
den start studying..cnt really the place truly noisy.
thanks sock teng for fetching me bec yest...
realise my cough getting worse..
at just morning at every min oso feel bad.............
ate my cough medcine..and it taste terrible.
since the last 2 bottles, i really feel bad eating dis,,
take me courage to swallow the medcine again.
guess im goin for the 3rd bottle
i just cn say........
pls pls pls.........
i don wan eat that anymore.......
.is soooooooooo irritating...i feel lik vomit v the taste..
exam weather just heat my feeling up!!!!
sadness alwiz comes along with the happiness
because happiness sked we don realise their existance..
so they send sadness first to us..
i believes if u think the good thing coming
it wil surely come.
just time matter..
is pain,and is hard for you now.
but pls believe..
ur painess and suffer will come to the end.
new days welcoming u..
the only thing for u to do.
is just believes it..
love and support is all around.

p.s. remmy,flixis,raylea and finnie~~mummy and daddy coming~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

我們有笑容 我們曾心動 
不敢想 不敢問 
i know
this gona be the hardest time for you
but whatever it gona be
it happen.
maybe the way
to keep you going on
is just as little as
but even that.
we still name it as HOPE
i said..
don underestimate yourself
u know how many times u gt through
all this.
u know how u escape from D****
u r deserve a good life
the only thing u can do now
is just a strong heart as u hav all the time.
give urself a last shot u can.
and believe
is terrible that normal ppl cnt und
is worst than any problem in this world
im sorry
i cnt giv u a hand
for the helpless you
i wish upon the sky and star.
for you.
and pls..
let me stay~

Friday, August 21, 2009


finished reading the book''life of pi'' yesterday
is all about survival..
although the story kinda weird
but is meaningful though,
don underestimate your own strength,
God create you with adrenaline
u know how to run if a dog chasing
u know how to cry if u feel sad
u know how to solve a problem
who give you the strength?
nothing but you.
don underestimate the power of love,
it happens..
that bio,physic and chemistry cnt explain,
it happens,
that mathematics cant count on it
it happens,
but you don hav the right to say YES or NO,
you cant even to call it to come and leave as u wish.
there is many thing u cant control..
so don control dat.......
thers a lot u can make a difference
go on and giv 100% effort
or .
just live with regret and guilty.
i believe
know what to choose!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

boys over flower

I LOVE THIS BOY..he is damn cute rite..

currently crazy-ing on this drama..
hehe..i know series like this alwiz too over.
.lik not in reality..
but for me..sometime thats the reason of watching drama..
let you escape from the reality world once a while..
dont you tink is sweet???
part of my life..i feel im not in a reality pathway..
but dunno wat spirit i gt that push me going on..
mayb tortoise is the reason
that make me
wana slow for the rest of my life..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


this photo was taken las week by lynn's fren..
everyone was excited with the carnival..
yet 3 of us..
(meishan jz accompany us)..
study for the coming bio test..
(ooopss.over now..=) )
see with our smile.we hav passion on bio..hahahahah.. is intresting studying stg related to our body
when whn it comes to exam...dats different..lecturer wil said..memorize ur notebook~
for first chapter..i almost finis using my first note book~~
neway..thers alwiz stg good n funny to talk about our lecturer..
she is somehow fun with her expression..or action.......
don ever be late..even a minute........
or do a sentence less with ur work..
no high handphone........!!!or else
you will get a DOT....for urself..hahaha.......
anyway..she is definetly a genius on bio doubt she loves bio more than anymore do..
all her students will know dis.........
bt she strongly believe in evolution more than wat religion said.........
bio exam paper gona be returned tmr..good luck~
every monday now disgrade from good day to quiz day..2 quizes holding every monday... done v today..feel good.just because is over.i don tink i had do it well..........
continue v my novel''life of pi''..which means..assignment due date getting nearer..
too many work accompolish.......too less idea and time~~~
2 weeks more to holiday...
intresting part of my novel..
imagine if u stay v a tiger on a boat..and dont have food for the tiger..
what u will do to prevent you r the next victim???
push him off the boat??enuf energy..a tiger at least v few hundreds pounds
kill him?? bt how if he cnt die.yet feel frustrated v the attack..
sounds Pi manage to tame him..hahah..just a story...
i cant recall when is the last time i saw a sunset or sunrise..
i love to see the hope and ending of day.....
might not be good start or ending..
but universe do tell us .
everything come v a start and end..
so dont be sad with anything bad happen..
sooth ur shattered self
everything will be alright.
dont let urself in the thrall of reason
step out on the right time..
i wish i could have a chance to see dolphin..
the sea creature that i love the most
because this intriguing creature just like human
will have baby after they fall in love.
i wish to touch snow..
which is season cold at surface.warm internally with everyone around...
day will be only great if you think is good
so friends..
wish more..dream more..stay ALIVE~
sweeping the floor
washing my clothes
mopping the floor
room cleaning
so consider a complete day right?

p.s let me be the one who attach to u all da time..great talk we have .not becus of the topic.just because you are the one next to my ears.... breaking records again.. promise me u gona be fine and healthy .pay attention to my notes.. WAIT ME FOR..u noe!! glad you are the one u alwis be.. dumbie.. tortoise..fatty....i miss alll this.......

ich liebe dich

Friday, August 14, 2009

fridays nites..

didi's pillow recorder

as usual.was friday nite.. girls hang out again~
my class ended earlier at 10.30am.{tons of hmwork}
den went breakfast v lynn and weiling....
glad dat shue voon come over and v chat for a while..hahaha..
after accompany meishan to bank..again.i went for lunch v lynn.6 of us ler.
.including didi,meishan,james,jin n his fren......

follow didi just too relaxing ther.almost fall asleep on her bed.and i save my lovely voice in her pillow recorder.''ohohoohoh"........
and she really loves to draw.....~~~hahaha......
i gt her secret..hahha..she don let me take pic v SECRET..
meet up v lynn and meishan after they finis class.together for the first time..
we took bus together to sunway pyramid...

frm about 4pm..
-hanging around shops...
-trying on dresses
-get new finger nails color
-try out sandals-heels...
-delightful dinner
until 10.30pm

was a truly GIRLS HANG OUT...and i gt to eat TAKOYAKI..
lynn- i bought the dress u said nice..
get my new nails color n polisher.. eyeliner ...earings....

i truly need a new high heels..gona save more money now on.heheh..

i spent my breakfast, lunch and dinner v lynn ..awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bec home..tired~sleep~dream~wish~

p.s.wish upon the star.......u gona be strong and healthy~i know u can make it..u r who u r..the strong u........we have faith on u=)


If our love was a fairytale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we’d say I do
And if we had babies they would look like you
It’d be so beautiful if that came true
You don’t even know how very special you are

You leave me breathless
You’re everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you’re leaving me
And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I’m thankful for the life we’ve made
And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don’t even know how very special you are

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You’re like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You’re something specialI only hope that I’ll one day deserve what you’ve given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life

p.s.he said he wil stay strong.......he promise dy.......she believe dat..she beg him.just want him to wake up

great girls outing~

too tired now.goin to say bout today more detail by tmr.. neway.having great day with meishan,lynn and didi......... truly girls outing..truly FUN~btw.i cnt upload photo at FB ..i duno y.....try again tmr...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


well..pass up my incomplete yet worst advanced function paper up..i guess i did only half..and the one i did i duno..don care ler.. hav to start catch up v maths n eng..feel lost cuz few days bec i jz busy revising my bio test....... went lunch v meishan n caryn at face to face today..yummy noodles ~~~

suppose to stay for the talk on 2pm......yet .finally alll of us rush to the bio lab n teacher came to mark attendance.....we thought we soon goin for the talk later..yet..teacher ask us to go down..n said the talk gona postpone to nex month...WTH..y we waiting for lik 15 mins..and rush to get labcoat..i hav to change my shoes v weiling wearing shorts n sandals today.and nie i knew. no for dat!!!!

so 5 of,amira,ghauvi,didi and yeeyang went to snowflake..and we chat for about 2 hours..cnt stop laughing n talk....we are too loud until others keep stare at we just cnt control v all the funny stuff we talking about..hahahah..........i guess i shld present amira perfume during her birthday....and i realise im the shortest among them..amira..u r damn FUNNY...bunga will oso layu..omg..i cnt stop thinking of dat...hahaha

went to meishan house while waiting for my bro to fetch me bec..
wohoohoo..class til 10.30am tmr~
p.s.i noe is hard for u gona gambateh here support u all da time~~ u gona be okay soon...many food waiting for u~~~GAMBATEH~~~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

to chris

u r just soo proud of you.........=)

i believe thers miracle

In this time of fear

When prayer so often proves in vain Hope seems like the summer bird Too swiftly flown away Yet now Im standing here My hearts so full, I cant explain Seeking faith and speakin words I never thought Id say There can be miracles

want n only.........

he said he gona be ther again for her
he said he gona provide her energy
he said he gona be ther to nag her do hmwork
he said he gona be ther to do assignment with her again..
he said he wana share his love with her..
he said he wana see the blue sky with her
he said he wana see summer,winter again
he said he gona be tough
he said he know he gt alot of task to accomplish
he said he want to blog again
he said he want write words in purple again
he said he want her to be happy


she wana let him know..
only him by her side..she will happy
only him by her side..she feel energetic
only him ther to nag her to do hmwork.she wil only remember
only him be ther to guide her for assignment..or else she nvr complete any one
only him is the one she can share love with
only him..she can see the sky is blue
only him ..she will feel warm during winter.and relax during summer
only him..she know wat is tough
only him.she wil feel like blogging
only him..she will search for purple words

only him........she will only feel happiness..........

can he hear her ?she is calling..she is begging his back~she is praying for everything she can just for him........


chris tse yuen cheng.u gona be okay..u gona be alrite..!!!! FIGHT OVER IT..we have faith on you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


finally back to ipoh....the most happiest part is i get to meet with ha.sam n jia wei...and oso my DIM really yummy.ipoh food the best!!! i wish i cn eat it everyday..nt much to say..just photo...

p.s. u said u gona be back..u said u r the strong one..i nvr doubted and i fully believe in you..
goodbye not gona be the word for me.. i knew dat.i wil stand strong as u r the moment right now.fight with v evil monster ya..i wil chase them listening the last song u nice..u r my song provider..and producer of many things..he said he gona be the one for him.he said he wana live v her.he said he wana make his promise.he wil stand sttrong..i noe dat~i hav faith on you..thanks for everything..i love you alot chris

Friday, August 7, 2009

friday nitesss

suppose not goin anywher after lesson yest..yet after hmwork all done..decided to go along v meishan to ONE UTAMA with didi, zac and jin han..after having dinner at damn big the portion for one person..didi only eat a quarter of her meal..den dy vv full.nt even one of us cn totally finish our meal... bt nvm...went around MPH and took some stupid photo..yet..kinda cute ler those photo..haha..

followed by movie''THE PROPOSAL'' ,a great funny !!!
after dat...goin to jin han place..SRI HARTAMAS to yumcha..try ''sesha""??i duno the spelling..and share alot about DREAM..........haha.realise everyone has different dream !!!
great chat v u all~after then..went pooling v jin han's fren..we din play i really duno hw to play..just sit ther n chat ler..getting to know new frenz..
ohoh...reach hm around3.30 time being dat late at KL....thanks zac for fetching me bec.
p.s. i din get ur news..hope u r okay...take good care~

Thursday, August 6, 2009


thanks rus for the news glad that he is okay right now.......god bless

sleep for about 5 hours for my afternoon nap today..

feel hardly to continue reading my get a cup of ice cream

ICE CREAM DELIGHTED ME~ because everything just alright today..especially whn lex is alrite..heheh..

goin to read my boook soon..""LIFE OF PI''.............

im getting better..wohoohoh

p.s.i miss you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

well...class being cancelled stil hope ms lindsay n caryn cn recover as soon as possible..OMG>>>ISU PROJECT IS COMING...
i hav to read''LIFE OF PI"" today of the lecturer..i duno his name..ask us to enjoy the pie while few of us waiting outside staff room to get the book..
consider a normal day..cuz nie hmwork dat hav to be test n presentation tmr..i shld gv myself a smile~~hehe..get my seventeen pack today..
bt seriously. i cnt stop smiling reading ur blog dis morning..during the lesson..i was lik dreaming into the blog world.even teacher stand beside me n ask me question.i stil JUST TOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!hahaha...............
p.s. u r the reason for me to smile..i just love staying the way we are it love it love vv statisfy v the draft contract u made!! milk for u!!!!! remember..... and thanks ely for the records!!hahaha..

Monday, August 3, 2009


wohooo..class ended 10.30 am today!!!
hope ms lindsay and caryn recover soon....
virus spread the whole college!!!
thanks god im on my way on cough still.........faster stop COUGH!!!i hate it..
suffer alot v my medcine... i cnt sleep since im getting the new medcine..
today first lesson was damnnnn boring...almost fall asleep.. yet feel funny whn lecturer show her happy face..jz feel impress..because every student look sleepy yet she still can show the excited face..she said..''protein just sooo wonderful..hahaha""!!
since the class ended so early today.accompany my fren to sunway..and bec home around 2pm..

p.s: yea..i belong to u..i just hope im in ur future .... tortoise's future??? the only one who can plant on ur garden.......who ever dare to touch it..i will SAW !!!! im nt belong to me~

Sunday, August 2, 2009



big thanks to tortoise chris...!!! muahahaha
and thanks to mayshan, aaron , caryn help as well
and oso sam sifu who wake me up dat nite!!hehe

sandwiches for tmr done!! clothes being washed!!! arranged my beg!!! my books n file!!!
p.s:U must get rest!!!U must drink water!! U must sleep~hehehe...... i miss u


wake up around 2pm today..n i still feel tired now..
consider done v my essay assignmnet!!!wohohooh..........
yest was great....... went out v peik zhi n yau kin ..met up v khaisoon n vincent.......
shop for few hours..neway.i gt my new sandals n tshirt!!hehehe.......
continue sushi hour v leehou~^^...damn damn delicious~
.....he gt to buy tshirt n jackets..... and about 8 ..met belinda ..and 3 of us hav a long chat until 12 stg i guess.....

bec home..continue v essay......and faint around 2 stg...........
im hungry now..nt even first meal starve!!!!!!!!

im on recovering state..wish caryn recover earlier...........