Friday, January 21, 2011


a couple of weeks in university
slightly changed the way i think of this place.
just slightly!
nothing really good about here
besides good friends and study.

the night market outing + second day spicy pasta
totally break through all my body immunity,
the fever and flu all came to me..
the on and off totally killing me ~
whenever you want to work on something,
it turned on..and like now, it's off!

great thing about the day :

just realized how cute Dr Leong is today..
"people, i think is either i am so DAMN good or im totally suck ..
really no question??better go get coffee people"
"better go get coffee" x 5 times
student :" sir, how the bacteria or virus kill the cell in our body"
sir:"kill yourself!" (instead of kill the cell)

today is the day to pass up our first ever uni report,
and when i just thought i passed up the right one in the office,
( i never checked)
i realized there is this copy in my file few hours ago..
" what the hell i still have the report with me"
trying hard to remember.
and i hope my memories didnt get me wrong ..
i think i printed an extra copy!!
wish me luck people.
but if it isn't, i have no idea how to fix it.

just a note about my 3rd friday in uni ~
as january still on~
happy new year people =D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the start of something new

hey people, he's just my friend!!
joker vs cyclops
welcome to tooney town
steal the limelight night
one night in beijing

this gonna be my first post for year 2011,
so far this the 11' still treating me well,
holiday ended and me just became a university student ...
the feeling is weird cause i think i still miss my pre u friends alot
i wish they are all with me right now in the class..i missed the fun and talk ~

the new year started with a night in "beijing" ( actually genting)
with moo, mark,fang yang ,jiunn and wei hwang~
though we met up for just a short while .. it was fun! you guys made up my day!~
then , it continued with the move in to bukit jalil,
first time staying away from family ,
and now i realized how good to stay at own just not used to the life now..
and actually i dont have much time to think about the life,
everyday i was filled up with all the orientation activities,
though it was tiring, it was fun!
it's a successful orientation as it truly break the ice among us..
we get to know each other better and i already get some new good friends like yuen may, melissa..
of course my group mate, kar yee , john, wein gyee and the oo's ~
( lily,huei ling, xiao wen and also pavi whom i already get to know in cpu)

i miss home ..i miss subang.i miss cpu and i miss everything before uni~
i miss the milk tea shop, i miss the hang out and yum cha session with caryn and her bf..
i miss doing nothing but WAKA-WAKA-ing at night..not thinking about what time to wake up tmr..
i hate setting alarm .. remind me that i have totally lost those freedom which i used to have.

p.s . thanks to lourene and vims for purposely came to my uni and visit me~ hearts you guys alot.

i have too much in my mind now..
but i just couldnt write it all ...
all i wish for this new everything going on smoothly..
i will work harder for the coming days!!

same to you who''s reading this now
wish you have a great one this year!
and yea,..remember to shop for your new clothes for the new year

specially thanks to caryn,alan and caryn;'s family
i had a great night with you all on movie and dinner
and of course to my dearest caryn,
you are right,
we are meant to be together,
thanks for the accompany on shopping today..
you are always the big part of the reason why i love cpu so much!!
i heart you =)

hugsss XOXO..
to my ipoh friends especially serene, ha, siew hui, peik... and lots more
im coming back very soon ~
so meet you guys for the cny week!!