Sunday, January 31, 2010


after a crazy night at concert
gona wake up early for another activity
we went to taman megah orphanage home
at first when i get in
i really feel so scare
seeing them who is down syndrome
but after a while
i feel they are soo cute and lovely
they just innocent
after talk to some of them
i really feel sad for how they live and grow up
some of them..lik being dumped by their parents
due to their disable

and yea
i can see everyone of us enjoy their
we just had much fun over there

at night
i called my mum and told her dat
and she said
so now u realise how xing fu u r~~

great day v great friends~~

is sunday today~~
=) for the dress i bought at forever 21 and mango today
i love them
yea..finally i gt some more for my CNY celebration
doin some physic work and data homework right now
don feel lik goin class tmr~~
sugar level increase
ring that tie heart to heat together~~

boys like girls

me n carina
tasha,me ,carina
khalil fong ..方大同
3 of them are up there


just when i thought of going concert with my college friend
carina told me that
BOYS LIKE GIRLS coming to msia
and yea~~
we went there together
is actually the nokia x66 lauching day
as well as their concert day
and when i checked out
i realized KHALIL fong coming too
and yea
the concert rocks!!!
khalil fong truly a best singer
eventhough carina and tasha who never hear his song before
stillt they give him
"thumbs up"
and yea
you guys just sooo amazing
martin licks his guitar infront all of us

thers a gang of stupid crazy fella
they get high and dance..
for me.they are nt dancing
bt just hitting each other
they push each other to the floor
they push each other hardly
they look damn crazy
which kinda affect the environment

i enjoyed the night
i used to be love drunk~
and i always do~

Sunday, January 24, 2010



she is ah theng as well as chris

wedding day of my cousin bro and his wife
the lunch start around 12 and ended around 3..
after bath.
im back to subang~~
dis few days.kinda tired
as i didnt get to meet up any of my frens
sorry guys
im really tired and busy~
wil see u all during cny
cuz i wil only back that time~
things aint go that smooth today~
i just gt over it~~
don feel lik goin clas tmr
as test coming soon day by day~~
2nd week of semester is my first test~!!!
jz cnt imagine~~
good nite everyone
good luck to you~
all da best for ur test tmr

saturday night...

yi heng

me-cousin sis


cousin sisterss~~

was a busy day
early in the morning
settling bro wedding stuff
and night rush to cousin bro wedding eve night~~
most of relatives were there~~
and the house really packedv lots of ppl
is glad to hav such celebration gathering
and surprisingly met tsok kuan too~~
v her family..
tired night ...


had my first outing v my course mate for 2010..
after a stress week~~
the first week v all quiz and test~~
we decided to go for a movie after class
me,carina,margaret,jeremy,andrew,surej,weiyew,neil,brian..and few more else
went for LEGION
i can say is a nice movie~~
although the front part kinda disgusting
the movie did bring some very important message to us..human being on earth
that is..
pls appreciate everything u have~~
as GOD give the best to us~~
don make him angry ~~
serious traffic jam which made us use up mroe than 3 hours to reach ipoh
and right
sleep in the car
and just continue to sleep at my own magic bed ~~
relax v ur test~~u can make it~~
don worry ~~
support u =)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

recent idol~

if you ever listen his song
u wil definetely fall into him~~
cause he just too awesome!!!
i love his song dammmnn much
dear visitor
listen my blogsong
dis is only one of the nicest one
he gt more song
which made me addicted with~~
such a great guy!!!!
and i love him!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


so sis had move in..and the storm begin
she just lik move in and set all her rules in our room
she wil switch off the air cond middle of nite..
sked of air cond..eventhough the temperature is getting 35 degree outside~~
take over most of the space in the room
internet~ wardbore~ and she throw all my books away for her stupid watch
and yea.she sucess..i had to move out from the room now~~
just hate the way she is~~
doin all those freaking stupid way.lik asking to move out
she knew dad wont allow..and wil ask me to out instead of her~~
yea.,.she success..
she not tolerable at all
im gona out~
sad isnt the word anymore
bt im just
soo damn disapponted v dis kind of family n mum stil i respect with
and yea..
if u ask me y i love my frens more than my family.
i wil answer you
every single of them
treat me lik their sister more than them
and ya
i love them
kinda lose my feeling to dis kind of family
i jz don mean to complain or wat
dis is my blog
and u might read it
i jz think i got the right to voice out anyting i love
and no doubt~~
you are soo bitchy~~!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

first week in second semester

souvenir from peik zhi who back frm korea
souvenir from caryn who back frm shanghai

souvenir from my host sister at japan..i love the photo~
thansk for helping me to buy thsoe stuff. thanks alot..

although not able to go anywhere during my holiday
but thanks fren who share their happiness v me
especially peik zhi, caryn and joyce
who brought back soo much stuff for me~~~

peik zhi..i love the concealer u bought~is soo useful and nice
caryn..i love the cute keychain~~
joyce~~u surprise me alot~~
thanks for comin in to my college today
she went up to my class and knock the door in
to pass those thing for me~~
don allan don really bother bout that~~
haha.he is kind enough~~
and i wonder how u get in since taylor guard alwiz check id strictly..
neway.thanks alot~~
for getting me stuff far far frm japan~~
and those product truly nice~~
ehehe..cnt wait to use it~~

college day turn better today
at least i really love all my classmate..
finally i gt caryn and choo in my LAN class
and all great clasmate for other class
seriously better than the old schedule~~
and yea..
whenever i think of our eng class
i truly miss the lesson and ms lindsay~~
such a great fun class
which bring all of us closer~
neway..transportation stil the problem~~
alrite~i wil try to get my way~
i cn feel the pressure even is only the 3rd day of class
tons of assignment which waiting for me~~
homework... planning for trip for LAN project and presentation~~
first day joining the chem class~~
mr andrew is nt really that bad~~
at least i can und everything he try to explain
nt lik the previous lecturer who thought im clever lik other scholar
i really feel glad im out frm that class
and i met some great deskmate
LOVETH ( pronounce as LOVE IT)-cool name

i need energy which could pull me infront all the time~
and im finding the hidden energy~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the day before tomorrow

class started tmr
no more excitement~~
due to my bad timetable~~
8am til 3.30pm everyday
which truly kill me off
i hav problem v transportation.. study and all
and the new situation im having now
i wish everything remain the same life half a year ago
back to college today
trying to save myself frm the worst timetable
nothing is confirm yet
and im still following the stupid timetable
met up v weiling and new fren today.yan yee..
and we hang around 100 yen??
3 of us just too free to spend up the time
a brand new start tmr~~
new clasmate
i hope tmr gona be a good start
cnt wait to meet caryn.choo.margaret and all~~
my sick is recovering..
no more flu or cough.
headahce still~~im too weak to stand the up n down weather..
some part of my soul get sick too
bt im on my recovery side
arigatou for you who listen to me~~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

u might have tons of memories in your brain..
but the one who could recall with you
he or she is your best one~
haha..and yea
i met this bunch of good gangs
serene teh,james,khai soon ,aaron , kit yin and meishan
dis few days
meeting up after few months time~
the never ending topic which truly sweet in heart~
either happy or sad
is stil that precious
felt glad that finally im haivng my sushi night
which i wanted for so long time
sweet talk v serene teh~
and yea
im gona miss you damn much again~
and yea
JOYCE surprised me with her sudden call
she said:
"chris,im at your host parents shop"
i was lik.omg .
the world just soo small.
and joyce met my host family at japan~
cnt believe that
whn i heard teruki and eri 's voice
i feel soo glad ...
time passing soo fast
and yea...i have been apart v them for a year~
thanks eri for the email~
saw ur photo v i wish i could be ther as well~
im confident joyce get a super nice nail art
cuz my host sister truly profesional in it~
thanks for your souvenir as well~
things never go perfect, maybe this is the answer for unanswerable question

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st function of 2010

a good new year started with tsok kuan's house party
was her and her brother birhtday celebration as well~
after dinner.
this was the first destination once i reach ipoh
abandon my luggage and bag
i went her house and met up with them~~
was a great night
and yea
YU ....youth exchange hosting by tsok kuan
she is awesome
and her english truly good
kinda of understand her feeling when everyone speaking cantonese
cause im drown with all the not understandable word
whn im being the youth exchange too
anyway..she is truly pretty and cute~
and friendly as well~

new year

if you feel like asking me
hey chris: "how your new year countdown?"
i will want to let you know
im alone
cause im in bathroom taking bath....hahahah
im soo sure v that
cuz while im putting on my conditioner
i miss the firework
i guess it was from sunway pyramid~
im nt sure~
ya..thats my new year~
and i know it was great for peik zhi and gang
i miss the fun ...sorry guys~
you know how much i wish to stay at ipoh that time~
anyway...i gt new cupboard for my room~~
a bigger one~~
on the day itself
i went sungei wang
and grab some cheap and nice stuff ~
moved to ONE U after that
and it was terribly crowded
and i get ntg beside dorayaki~~
oh yea..i ate A&W
which no more available at IPOH
rootbeer soo nice~
wish you all the best
and have a great brand new year
wish everyone have a great great 2010~~
welcome new year~
a great start for everyone
ya..kind of lazy to update my blog recently~~
any how..will do it when i feel to~