Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i know..i knew..i known....

sometime ...escaping is better than honest..

sometime...question is better than answer..

sometime... without is better than having..

sometime...irrational better than rational

because...sometime feeling just hav the priority....to have me most of the time..

do enjoy with what you having now..

thanks for the sour and bitter before u taste sweet..

sometime life just aint perfect..

because perfect had be set as the future for u and me~

love ha~

she is the one i know for the 11th years..
she is the one i will miss the most in ipoh..
she is my companion all the time..be with me whn im sad and happy...
thats why..im glad to know u for the first day until now...
i miss every single hang out with you..i love how we share secret..i love the time we study together...playing together..singing together.. working on together..


i heart you ..i love you..cintamu....je'ta'ime~~~
you are my zi mui forever n ever................

i wish you all the best.. be leng leng all da time..sot sei boy..be no worries ..and happy laughing like you always do..
i just hope in the future..im stil the one sharing ur life..


p.s..im soooo sorry for not attending the party dat nite..im soooooooooooooooooooo sorry for that..bt i hope u do enjoy with those surprise by them.hehe..will meet u up soon~~after tmr im free~

Monday, June 22, 2009


im bec ..has been some time i abandoned my blog...not that im nt free. im crazy-ing on my hk drama..download-watch-download-watch..for the whole week.. i hav to work at dad shop durin daytime due to dad absence..he went oversea with uncle.. less hang out for me..cuz most of my fren either studying or busing''dating''..haha..u noe hu u r!!! so peik called me for night market walk on friday ... im getting fatter lik she said..yet ..dis devil brought me to the fatty store somemore..i ate alot ther..gladly met xinyi n cheehao.. so straight down for movie'DRAG ME TO HELL''.. is scary.yet is funny!!! cuz the stupid sitting beside me keep scare me.. the cinema truly quiet..seldom get into cinema with so less ppl..mayb im de slow one..had been time i nvr step into cinema!! ..

so went JJ yest.. oops.how come everybody weariing starwalk T..i hope im one of them joining my fren..yet .past 2 years ''cnt wake up'' experience.i had give up signing up dis year. is too early for me~~ is okay.. met lots of frenz over ther..even the dumb edwin (u noe y u r dumb)..haha.. bought my BB cream~whee~which i ask for sometime..and i don hav time to get it~ besides food ..guess i almost get all my stuff ready to kl.. might heading earlier to kl due to some reason..

ivan ivan..i wan to see ur lui lui!!! faster get her recover..and get her to see me!!!

chat v chloe yest..wondering how my college life gonna be.will i get along with all the new frenz over ther.. thanks chloe.nice chating with you too~^^..a simple sunday..was great cause i bought what i need to..whee...

whee..being lucky today..get a hair dryer frm walls ice cream lucky draw session~whee~~!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


currently siiting at genting starbucks.. no plan to come here before. this. this morning went to taylor and register for my study stuff.. sign up for ICPU course.meishan .u gona be my senior.stil hav 3 weeks to go for my class ..after dat..dad suggest to come up here ..actly he wana go casino..me yet ntg to do..v my sis goin to play FLYING COASTER..nice one.,..den after having my lunch..im sitting here n updating my blog...haha.... reach kl home around 7 yest.. den arranging my new room..a nice n comfortable one nw..hahaha..im gona move my pillow and boldster here soon...guess i hav to wait until 4 stg later before heading bec to ipoh..
for my form 6 clasmate and frenz..u guys gona gambeteh ler..sch reopen for u guys..
p.s listening to ur song.. reading ur mail.. ntg dat make me feel harsh. i feel comfortable v everything now. i wont ever push my feeling.. i wil let it be the way it is..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


sometime i think of dis question..
"can love be rational??"
i guess i nvr be rational on that.. nt even gettin any improvement..yet every relationship started with a more ''un''rational one..
i just duno y....shldnt i love someone who truly treat me vv well? he is fine in everything to me..
yet..at last i wil choose someone who alwiz create question for me... then ...i wil transform question to problem..at last worries....

erm..hmmm...no matter hw we try to escape from reality..it stil bec here...the realistic world~~
everyone has own problem..own secret..own habit...we are individual..
everyone own dreams..dream is for someone lik me..who search for unreal ..
no matter hw u prepare for a tragedy..bad incident or .stg bad..yea..u had prepared the feeling!!
u knew someday it wil happen..yet..u wil just feel dat again...u thought u are okay..yet u r not bad..bt surely nt as good as u thought...

so..... everyone hav to step into a new phase after some period of time..guess im ready for the next phase...sounds original..yet ..is a new one.. keep the same me..bt heading to a new way...

sunset appear cuz of sunrise.. ''appear'' is for stg had ''lost''
good is to show bad.....


wohooo...is my first gathering with this class..and probably is the las time..cuz after dis ..im no more clasmate v them...honestly..im having great time with this bunch of friends... glad to say dat we getting closer quite fast..nt kind of sharing secret but at least cn hav fun with.. 9th of june... wil be a memorable day for me.. ehhe...hey guys..i truly hope u all cn score well in ur stpm ..and u guys wil getting closer with each other..who knows the other hols whn i come bec to visit u all..a couple might had formed..hahahahaha...im looking forward v dat.. and those video i wil keep it nicely..haha.. viewing it is lik recall me about u guys..i wil miss u all vvvv much.... those who want de video cn ask me through msn kay..

ALL THE BEST...and most important..we are FRIEND FOREVER....

p.s.. with faith..we transform our relationship from strangers to friend ....so for me.. u are my fren FOREVER... i wil never forget each one of u... hehe.. so i hope we can keep in touch in the future..


Monday, June 8, 2009


so yeah..back frm redang..was a super duper nice trip..,....everything was fun..i jz can say i truly enjoyed it..and gladly get to know new frenz from ther....snorkelling.. beach volley..swimming..games.. kites...etc.was a good days for every each day over ther.. is GREAT~!

i get to knew de meaning of RELAX frm dis trip..wats means by dat?/

is lik lying on the bench...looking at the blue sky..the sea..feeling the breeze...having talk v frenz during night along the beach..dats de GOOD FEELING.. is nice...the feeling is like u cnt even recall ur problem outside the island....everytg v concern is jz play..eat..play and..eat again....

dats so called RELAX...

great games by the games master ..yet i got punish ...de punishment is to fight v a gal just to get bec own bf,..haha..yet..they use uncle as the ''bf'' we fight for..dats crazy man... and few games dat drive us crazy..yet cnt stop lauging.. i love the feeling playing the whole days den get sleep cuz of tiring.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


2nd day of hols..finally finis up ''rosy business''...yea..as joshua said..is a good series..hehehe.. for me..the two main actor n actress....is truly great.!!hehhe...just finis packed up my stuff..ready for tomorrow trip to redang island...4 days 3 nitez trip....wohoo..my camera charging now..haha..gona be a great trip i hope..hehehe...
nothing much bout dis few days..

btw..congratulations to my bestie wei ling for her JPA scholarship to america for acturial science course..i cnt wait to meet up at taylor..wohohoh..heehe...

and i tink sinyi n angeline goin taylor as well..dat wil be vv great..haaha..is our 5s5 gang again~~~hehehe...

having nice dream every nite for you and me...twinks