Tuesday, April 23, 2013

approaching end of april

Half of my problem was solved and I can finally start preparing my trip to UK. *for study*

For the past one week, I was quite busy going around the town with my friend to settle my documents for visa application. The application seems easy but the worries of making sure it goes through on the first attempt is just plainly headache. I'm doing it early so that I can have some peace in mind before flying off.

Well, today consider a productive day. I collected my TB result, levain for lunch , bought some medical book , went around the shopping mall and finally got a pair of shoes that suits me well. Has been looking for one and yet the suitable came in clearance price from Tiamo. Tiamo is having a moving clearance sales as the shop gonna relocate in other place till 1st of May . So better grab yours if you like their product.

Well, there's a second thing that i feel really happy about but I wasn't sure if I can post it here yet . I shall wait till I got it done .

Good day everyone =D 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Memories and future


that I cant recall but yet the shadow appears
that I wish to delete yet shown up when your mind need a rest
that I wish to keep yet it disappear thoroughly

For you who left, I keep nothing but a piece of good luck for you
For you who left, I keep nothing but a simple friendship in mind
For you who stay, I promised for every way I can to protect us.

pic taken in burps and giggles cafe, Ipoh


Life is like stages of stairs, 
you trying hard to keep up, 
It remains as a stair for you 
to lift yourself
try harder to move forward 
Along the way,
 a wish for a lamp that show the way
a wish for a path which is clear and wide
Chasing up with time, 
keeping yourself in role.