Thursday, February 25, 2010

a post after disaster

after a whole week break for chinese new year
happy ,fun, photo~~~
and .....
it turn to a disaster when i back to college
3 tests on 2 days.. assignment due day and all~~
the stressful feeling can just kill me off in one second~
when the las test over yest..
i cnt really feel lik screaming
as the physic test...i might gt zero marks
for chemistry..i spent half an hour on an unanswerable questions
sooo i know another disaster coming nex week
when the result back~~
despite that
i had slept from 8pm-9am~~
thus, i spare sometime for myself
i managed to watch my hk series( taiwanese series right now)
and managed to send the email to michiyo over japan
i love ur mail alot~~
the clock turn faster and faster
sometime i just wish to slow it down~
and get some rest
cnt believe midterm coming soon
with my low marks
i am i going to apply for my course
few more months to end my ICPU course
and i just realize
cnt believe meishan and meitean coming soon
i just wish to go out v them after my work done
sorry to peik and all..
i cant manage to go genting v u guys
i just wish u all enjoy alot over ther right now
u gona be alrite~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

bro wedding nite

was my bro wedding yest nite
consider gathering for me n my fren as well
the function goin on well
hard work for more than half a year paid ~
thanks to all my fren who attended the function~~
the pimples on my face
enuf to kill me of..
body getting weaker
as the weather hotter n hotter~~
i need a cold weather countrY!!!!!
pls turn to 20 degree..
thers tons of hmwork waiting for me
physic hmwork~~
ther test nex week
how am i goin to survive!!
im soo left out after a whole week rest
gona bec to subang tmr~~~

Sunday, February 7, 2010